Free press release templates 2023

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If you're not familiar with press releases then writing one can be a steep learning curve, but by having a template to get you started can make the process a whole lot easier.

We have created and collected the best press release templates so you can research and find out how to format them correctly when manually sending them out or using a distribution service. Please see below for our free 'Press Release Templates' which you can download and use.

If you are sending a press release through Pressat, then a template will not be needed as our platform formats the content and hosts them online for easy viewing with an optional .PDF version.

As standard all press releases must adhere to the following structure: Date format, headline, summary, body text, quotes, final information and notes to editors. Please bare this in mind when viewing the templates and writing your own.

The templates are in PDF, Word Document and Google Docs. We have templates that can be used for launching new products, events, brands and everything generic.

Free templates for launching a new product

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PDF Template
Word Template docx
Google Doc Link

Generic free template for any announcement

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PDF Template 2.pdf

How to format the press release

See below to find out how to format and layout a press release.

  • Headline – this is the main part! you need to hook the reader in
  • Sub-heading – a brief overview of the story can be placed here, including answers to the questions: Who? What? When? Why? With what effect? You could also put key bullet points instead of a sub-heading
  • Body text – an explanation of the information provided earlier in the lead, starting from the most newsworthy info to other less important, background info
  • Dateline/ location – this can be used to tell the reader the time and date the press release was sent and the location
  • Company info/ about – not everyone will be aware of your company, so provide some background info
  • Media contact information – super important! include an email and name at least. Many journalists like to phone as its quicker

Templates for bands, musicians and events

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PDF Template
Word Template docx
Google Doc Link

How to write a press release

Now that you have a template to help you structure a press release in the correct industry format, we recommend reading our guide on writing the the perfect press release it's helped thousands of businesses get media coverage.

Examples of press releases

We recommend reading through several press release of leaders in your industry to get a good idea of how they format and structure the copy, it will help you write a press release thats going to grab the attention of a journalist. We have cherry picked several press releases that gained quality media coverage you can analyse here or below:

Popular release examples