How to get free publicity when you need it the most

Child drinking water

As with any charity you will no doubt have an advertising budget, but why not help yourself get extra leverage through free promotion and publicity?

Seriously, you could be missing out big time if you decided against it; getting the word out there without spending money - or squeezing as much value from the money you do have, is a must for any charitable organisation. Plus with many people in the media conscious that they focus on 'bad news', it is very likely they will jump at the chance to redeem themselves and show uplifting, positive stories whenever possible. But how do you go about sorting this? That one is simple to answer.

These tried and tested tips below will help to get the extra support and donations you have been longing for, plus more bottoms on seats at your next charity event.

Pick up the phone

OK. Agreed, this may seem obvious to some but getting back to basics and talking to others is the best way to generate interest and get the ball rolling. People talk and before you know it, more and more people will know about you and any upcoming events just through the art of talking. Going back to the essence of communication really can be a winning solution sometimes.

Let the photos tell the story

High quality and relevant photographs are a simple yet highly effective avenue towards success and can generate huge dividends. Ensure you have eye catching photographs which really highlight your organisation and its wonderful volunteers to their full potential. Such images can be used for a variety of media interests and gives the impression you are professional, current and ready to take on the world. You are aren't you? Well prove it then.

Go back to school: get children involved

Why not call a local school or college and ask for their communication department to help you with your PR campaign? Getting children and young adults involved in your charitable work is always a winning combination. Maybe students could work on a special advertising project for you? They could get involved in designing and creating posters or flyers to advertise your cause while to the same time exposing them to your generous mission.

Good thinking, don't you agree? Plus, all the mothers will be as proud as punch at their clever little girls and boys.

Put pen to paper: get it in print

Local newspaper stories and well written press releases about your organisation and any upcoming events can serve to greatly increase the public interest in your work. Informing the media about your organisation provides an excellent way to spread awareness about any upcoming events you may be holding. The media is always interested in charitable activities and events happening in the local area and by drawing attention to this you will hopefully make the best possible impression on your readers and generate extra support.

Utilize online networking tools

The landscape of interaction between customer and consumer has changed over the last few years and even more so recently. Regardless of sphere, charities and organisations alike are tweeting on Twitter, liking on Facebook, posting videos on YouTube and blogging frequently. Getting quick (and cost effective) marketing feedback, loyalty building - and increased interest, why wouldn't you take advantage of the social media opportunities available? Pursue these highly successful avenues to create relationships that can help your charity or non-profit organisation raise funds more efficiently and circulate news quickly and further afield than ever before.

Don't forget to say thank you

As the old saying goes, do good and you will be rewarded. This, in the essence of charity, is very true. Thanking donors and supporters for their contributions to your charities activities will almost guarantee that they will consider additional donations in the future. Furthermore, by expressing your thanks and gratitude you can also enhance your public reputation, ensuring that your organisation is regarded favourably by the very people who make its work possible.


So, in the current climate and with money being tight now is the time to bring your stories to life and really stand out from the crowd. Hopefully the easy to follow tips detailed above highlight how getting free publicity for your charity really is possible if you put your mind to it.

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