Pressat Editorial Team

Pressat is one the biggest newswires in the UK – providing news, pictures and features to publications globally.

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Lukas Felix

News Editor

Lukas started his career in journalism working on the news desk at a national daily newspaper. He now manages our editorial flow across multiple channels.


Hamza Hussain

Executive Director

With a background in digital technologies and a keen interest in big media, Hamza manages the companies Manchester operations.


Max Forrest

Development Director

Max is an experienced public relations professional with a strong interest developing relationships with the media and growing Pressat's network.


Bethany Hope

Distribution Manager

Bethony heads our distribution team and is the strategic force behind our distribution networks and partnerships.


Alison Lancaster


Alison is currently the CEO of Pressat Newswire, she previously held the position of Editorial Manager for nearly 14 years.


Jeffrey Green

Accounts Manager

Jeffrey is the man who manges our client liaison team. He keeps our lovely clients happy, informed and in-the-loop.


Jackie Slater

Head of Human Resources

Jackie is crucial in overseeing, supporting and training our superstar teams. She also manages Pressats recruitment and onboarding processes.


Henry Winterbottom

Editorial Support

Henry manages the daily content submissions to ensure correct formatting and quality control throughout the sub-categories.


Simon Arkfelt

Lead Newsdesk Editor

Simon is our Newsdesk editor. He manages the stream of news stories that find their way to us each day from multiple industry sources.


Justyna Berctrofski

Lead Content Editor

With a background in managing copy for one of the largest German press agencies, Justyna currently oversees the flow of content in and out of Pressat.


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