Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit a press release? #

Submitting a press release is easy with our self-publishing step by step process.

  • Sign up here:
  • Create your company profile
  • Add your press release and multimedia
  • Choose optional add-ons e.g. Press Association
  • Pay and submit

Your press release is then moderated by our support team and distributed on your chosen date.

Alternatively a member of our support team can add the press release to your account.

Who receives my press release? #

We treat each news story with the individual care and attention it needs; no piece of news is the same as the next. Our competitors tend to mailshot news to the same tired list of recipients, which means one thing – the junk button.

You'll find we are different! Each press release is carefully assessed to determine the goals, target audience and the exact publications who are most likely to cover your news.

We then pitch your news to a highly targeted selection of journalists, reporters, editors, freelancers, bloggers and news desks across these channels:

  • Regional, local and national newspapers
  • Online news sources
  • Blogs
  • TV & radio stations
  • Trade journals
  • Consumer magazines, supplements, inserts
  • News agencies

Optionally press releases can be submitted through the Press Association. by selecting the service on Step 3.

As standard all press releases are automatically syndicated through an array of news engines including: Bing News, NewsNow, DowJones Factiva, AcquireMedia, Gale Cengage, Comtex, Dialog, EBSCO, Lexis Nexis, NewsBank, Newstex (ACI), Precise, Proquest, Newscred, Copyright Clearance Center, ThomsonReuters, Trackdata,, Moreover, Daylife, Redtram, Wirefast,, Newsware, Zemanta

Press releases are also distributed to the Pressat opt-in subscription service, which contains over 33,000 recipients. This includes journalists, bloggers, editors and other media staff from various leading publications.

How do recipients receive releases? #

Recipients receive releases through various methods including email, telephone, fax, ftp uploads, terminals and RSS syndication.

When does distribution start? #

Each press release is individually assigned to an editor with most of the distribution starting immediately after publication, although this can take up to 6 hours and in some cases longer due to the time it takes to research media contacts.

What statistics are available? #

For each press release, basic stats are included within the normal price, so you'll know how many visitors read your story, the media interactions and social media statistics.

Media Interaction:

The number of times someone has interacted with the press release, such as social sharing, media downloads, copying & pasting, printing, etc.

Average time on release:

This is the average time a visitor spends reading the press release.

Page views:

This is the exact number of unique visitors who have landed on your release.

Story reads:

Combined total of recipients that have accessed your press release through our website. Includes news terminals, syndication partners and 3rd parties.

RSS views:

Number of times the press release was viewed through the Pressat RSS feed.

What payments methods are accepted? #

Pressat currently accepts several payment methods for customer convenience, so press releases can be published 24 hours a day.

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin

Are press releases distributed outside the UK? #

Worldwide distribution can be carried out through our partnership with NASDAQ OMX, the world's leading international news agency, which enables us to provide distribution outside the normal UK zone for an additional fee.

Some of the countries and regions we provide this service for are:

Latin America, Middle East, United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, Russian, Asia Pacific and many more.

Do you translate press releases? #

Yes! Research shows that only 33% of active internet users speak English, which is why we have introduced a fixed fee translation service.

Available languages:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (British), Finnish, French, French (Canada), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

Please see the press release translation page for specific pricing.

Do you provide regulatory announcement services? #

Whether you announcing quarterly results, attracting investors or sharing market moving news, we can provide a fully licensed UK and EU regulatory announcement service to meet your company's legal requirements.

Please see the regulatory disclosure page for further information.

Why has my press release not had the desired impact? #

Unfortunately, distributing a press release does not guarantee that any particular publication will cover your news, but it does place your story in front of the right people and vastly increases your chances of receiving coverage.

Due to editorial calendars, news beats, freelancers, forward features, etc., sometimes it can take weeks or even months for coverage to appear.

What keywords should I use? #

When adding keywords to your press release, you should aim to use words that best describe your news to help people searching for your news through search engines.

Do you provide press release clipping? #

At present we do not provide clippings of press releases as our main focus is distribution. News clipping is a wide and complex industry due to the variety of publications, such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, etc. For tracking online mentions, we recommend using Google Alerts.

Where's our phone number? #

We currently limit our support and sales to online communication for several reasons.

Our aim is to make Pressat affordable and accessible to all of our customers, so keeping things strictly digital allows us to provide the lowest possible pricing, while maintaining excellent hands on support through email and live chat.

We’ve found that these two methods of support translate better for clients as our team is able to collaborate effectively with clients, log support tickets and share resources to help articulate our service better.

What is the Press Association? #

The Press Association is the UK’s national news agency founded in 1868 by a group of provincial newspaper proprietors. The agency have been providing fast and accurate multi-platform content to major media outlets as a highly trusted source of information.

What does PA distribution include?

Your news will be:

  • Disseminated into the news rooms of every major national, major regional newspaper, TV and radio station across the UK.
  • Accessible by the subscribers, journalists and businesses who access the Press Association news wire online

How do I add PA distribution?

To distribute your press release through the Press Association you can select this option when using our self-publishing platform on Step 3.

Adding multimedia to your press release #

A press release which includes an image, video or multimedia accompanying the text will most likely increase journalist interest as it enhances the readership experience.

Unlimited multimedia is free to include with your press release.

Accepted Image formats

We recommend using jpg, jpeg or png image formats with a minimum 300px by 300px dimension and 72 dpi.

Accepted video formats

Videos can be included from Youtube, Vimeo or any 3rd party service which supplies embed code.

We also accept the following video formats which can be directly uploaded: wmp4, mp3, mp2, mpeg, mpg, mov video formats and also support

Do you offer subscriptions? #

We provide a range of flexible subscription options which enable PR agencies, small businesses and anyone who wants to cost effectively manage multiple newsrooms and bulk distribution.

For more information please contact us or check the upgrade menu within the Pressat dashboard.

All monthly subscriptions are cancelable anytime.