How it works

Distribute your press release through the Pressat newswire to reach targeted journalists, editors, influencers & news-desks.

Our in-house editorial team ensures your release is sent to the most relevant medias to ensure it's effective and seen where it matters most.

Pressat has been a trusted resource for journalists and communicators since launching in 2010.


Ensuring your press release reaches the most relevant media is vital to the success of any PR campaign. Pressat uses tried and tested methods to precisely target journalists based on beat, geographic region, industry and journalist back-history (previously covered stories).

Pressat also serves more than 33,000 opt-in subscribers with customised news alerts, ranging from journalists and editors right through to analysts and bloggers.

  • Targeted distribution of your press release
  • Reach thousands of opted-in journalists, editors & reporters
  • Reach major news agencies worldwide
  • Syndicated to Bing News, DowJones, NewsNow, Thomson Reuters & more


Pressat not only focuses on traditional media channels such as online/ print but also uses online news and social dissemination techniques. This ensures your news is socially shared through online communities and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin while also optimising press releases with multimedia assets, social media traits and links.

  • Shared on Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin
  • Reaches syndication partners(below)
  • Indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing


Press releases are permanently hosted in a customisable newsroom that makes them easily accessible to visitors and journalists who want to follow your brand.

  • Easily access for journalists & visitors
  • Custom RSS feed for subscribers
  • Professional newsroom
  • Display press contact information


All press releases are made available to the Pressat opt-in subscriber database containing more than 33,000 media recipients. The recipients are a range of personnel, including journalists, reporters and editors, across a wide variety of sectors and publications.

  • Opted-in journalists/ editors & reporters
  • Newspapers, TV, Radio, Magazines, Blogs, News Agencies & & More
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing


Additionally all press releases are syndicated via our partners which includes news terminals, news aggregators, databases, software and websites with a combined reach of exceeding 10 million end users.

These networks are utilised by journalists, researchers, editors, reporters and media staff to source fresh news stories.

  • DowJones, Lexis Nexis, Thomson Reuters
  •, Bing News,
  • AcquireMedia, NewsNow, Info Desk + More
Pressat Syndication Partners

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