SocialBox.Biz Engaging UK Universities and Colleges for Laptops for Young Unaccompanied Refugee, Homeless and Elderly in Isolation Initiative

Instead of letting unused tech go to waste, universities and colleges are invited to partner with SocialBox.Biz for outreach program... read more

03.04.2020 • By SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises CIC

OZO Life launches 5 minutes Rapid Test Kit for Covid-19 with Latex Enhanced LFIA Technology

London, Thursday 2 nd April 2020 The OZO COVID-19 Rapid test kits technology comprises of Latex Enhanced  Lateral flow immunoassay ( LFIA ),... read more

03.04.2020 • By OZO.LIFE

NHS Hero Support –A Citizens’ Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

NHS Hero Support – founded ten days ago by a group of volunteer professionals – is delivering crowdfunded and donated PPE to frontline staff,... read more

02.04.2020 • By NHS Hero Support

How to Recruit During Social Distancing

As social distancing comes into effect, businesses are having to adapt as they adjust to their individual market needs. Supermarkets,... read more

02.04.2020 • By LaunchPad Recruits

Financial Reliefs for US Employees and Self-Employed by Bambridge Accountants New York

Two essential guides for financial reliefs to claim under coronavirus have been published by the Enrolled Agents and accountants Bambridge... read more

02.04.2020 • By Bambridge Accountants

Real-time passenger data from St Pancras station monitors effectiveness of coronavirus social distancing measures

UK startup OpenSpace, whose digital twin platform measures real-time passenger movement, have discovered a new use for their technology in the... read more

01.04.2020 • By OpenSpace

Bambridge Accountants Guides Employees in the UK on Coronavirus Reliefs

Coronavirus Relief If You Are Employed In The UK has been published by the tax advisers and accountants Bambridge Accountants . · Explanation... read more

01.04.2020 • By Bambridge Accountants

Harnessing innovation in times of Crisis, by Tsvetina Chankova, Innovation Director, Pollen8

The COVID-19 crisis has forced global business to adapt at an unprecedented rate. Companies and their employees have mobilised to respond to the... read more

31.03.2020 • By Pollen8

New UK Poll Reveals 53% of Respondents Feel There Has Not Been an Adequate Amount of Focus on the Mental Health Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic, with Disabled People Impacted the Most

LONDON (Monday, MARCH 30, 2020): As we are currently in one of the largest public health crisis in UK history,  Rehab 4 Addiction  ran a poll to... read more

30.03.2020 • By Rehab 4 Addiction

Fully-Verified, an online identity verification provider, successfully raises a financing round.

With an ever-growing pressure on remote service delivery, Fully-Verified secures capital to further grow their business, and deliver KYC and... read more

30.03.2020 • By Fully-Verified

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