Griffin Property Co Acquires Emoov: Shaping the Future of Online Estate Agency

As a key player in the UK property industry, Griffin Property Co is pleased to announce its acquisition of Emoov, a leading online estate... read more

21.05.2024 • By Griffin Property Co.

Lady Amelia Windsor at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh to Present Conservation Award

SALOME hosts Biodiversity Ball at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh in aid of the Cross River Gorilla Project with Patron Lady Amelia Windsor... read more

17.05.2024 • By SALOME

The Sleep Advisors Announces the Best Cheap Mattresses of 2024 for Budget-Conscious Consumers in the UK

The Sleep Advisors, a trusted authority in sleep consultancy and mattress reviews, has officially released their much-anticipated list of the... read more

30.04.2024 • By The Sleep Advisors

A Salutation to Springtime: The Chelsea Barracks Spring Fair Returns to Celebrate the Season

Sponsored by House & Garden magazine, the free event will feature the best of British food & beverage, an artisans’ market, and workshops from... read more

25.04.2024 • By Chapter Communications

Introducing the Ultimate Mattress Comparison Tool by The Sleep Advisors

In today's world, where the search for a perfect night's sleep becomes more crucial than ever, The Sleep Advisors are proud to announce the launch... read more

09.04.2024 • By The Sleep Advisors

Landfill tax reform would reduce waste crime and pollution, Localis study argues

Press release Embargo date: from 00.01 a.m., Thursday 14 th March 2024 Landfill tax reform would reduce waste crime and pollution,... read more

14.03.2024 • By Localis

Elevate Your Sleep Experience: The Advantages of Adjustable Beds

In the quest for rejuvenating sleep, more and more individuals are embracing the transformative advantages of adjustable beds. Here at Sleep.8, we... read more

13.03.2024 • By Sleep 8 UK

Mortgage Quest keeps it in the family by growing through diversification

Harrow, London 11 March 2024 Mortgage Quest Ltd , the award-winning independent mortgage broker, is proud to announce an additional... read more

11.03.2024 • By Mortgage Quest Ltd

Hospitality design whizzkid, Zoltan Varro’s new building in Koh Samui ditches Western architecture clichés

For a tropical paradise well-known for its high-end luxury spas and posh resorts, it’s no surprise that there’s a very particular Western... read more

11.03.2024 • By Zerocom Agency

The 2025 HÄUSER-AWARD: simply good houses. The search is on for individual detached houses that are suitable for everyday life

Hamburg, February 12, 2024 – Building has become increasingly complex and complicated in recent years, especially in terms of construction and... read more

12.02.2024 • By news aktuell

Hillingdon Brain Tumour & Injury Group launches its urgent “Lifeline Appeal” enabling delivery of vital services

HBTIG has experienced an increased demand for its services from diagnosis to rehabilitation. HILLINGDON, February 2024 - The Hillingdon Brain... read more

09.02.2024 • By Hillingdon Brain Tumour & Brain Injury Group

Super Ninja Acquires Waspinator

Ilkley/Gouda – February 2 2024 – Super Ninja, a leading provider of non-toxic pest control solutions, has acquired Waspinator Ltd, the UK-based... read more

02.02.2024 • By Super Ninja Waspinator UK Ltd

Discover Comprehensive Solutions for Lower Back Pain: Expert Insights from The Sleep Advisors

The Sleep Advisors, a leading authority in sleep health and wellness, released an insightful guide addressing the prevalent issue of lower back... read more

25.01.2024 • By The Sleep Advisors

Saygrass Company - Pioneering Sustainable Landscaping Solutions

Saygrass Company, a forward-thinking provider of sustainable landscaping solutions, is making waves in the industry with its innovative range of... read more

24.12.2023 • By Saygrass

Pope Francis backs Snoop Dogg Christmas song to end homelessness now

In the UK over 160,000 people are homeless. Just off London's Oxford Street, in fashionable Mayfair village, a homeless film director and London... read more

18.12.2023 • By Ooberfuse

PetRehomer, animal re-homing charity (, celebrates its first year of trading, having found new homes for more than 400 cats, dogs and rabbits across the UK

Thanks to PetRehomer, a charity that specialises in finding new homes for pets in need across the UK, these gorgeous dogs and cats will be... read more

14.12.2023 • By Charity Buddy

Most expensive (and cheapest) High Street homes in UK revealed

The UK’s most expensive High Street homes are in a Cotswold village, according to house price data for the past ten years. Leading business and... read more

12.12.2023 • By Edge45

The Sleep Advisors Help You Find the Right Mattress for a Pain-Free Night's Sleep

Are you suffering from chronic pain that disrupts your sleep? An orthopaedic mattress can provide the support and pressure relief you need to... read more

30.11.2023 • By The Sleep Advisors

Combatting Illegal Exotic Pet Trade: New Campaign Focuses On EU Regulation

The illegal trade in exotic animals poses health risks and is harmful to biodiversity in Europe and the source countries. Wildlife traffickers... read more

08.11.2023 • By TRAFFIC

Will you be sending a real Christmas card?

Although many will send digital cards or forgo them altogether, research has found that nine out of ten people in the UK prefer to receive a... read more

07.11.2023 • By Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) UK

Black Friday Mattress Deals in the UK: Get a Great Night's Sleep for Less

Black Friday is the perfect time to get a new mattress at a great price. With so many different brands and models on sale, it can be tough to know... read more

07.11.2023 • By The Sleep Advisors

SonicScrubber™ Builds On Social Media Success With Rebrand & Range Expansion

London: SonicScrubber™, the social media cleaning sensation- loved by leading cleaning influencers Lynsey Queen of Clean, Anna Louisa and Mrs... read more

31.10.2023 • By Brand Pharmacists - Susumi Group

The Rise of Bed Bug Infestations: What You Need to Know

It's no secret that Paris has been grappling with an alarming surge in bed bug infestations, a problem sending shockwaves through the city. While... read more

27.10.2023 • By Vergo Pest Management Ltd

Designer Aquaponics is the Aquarium of the Future

Illuminated fish tanks delight from home to restaurant, hotel to cruise ship. Here is your opportunity with the modern equivalent – designer... read more

26.10.2023 • By Zhar Research

More than 700 Lincolnshire Housing Partnership homes set to benefit from lower energy bills and more comfortable homes thanks to major insulation upgrade scheme

Residents at the Reed Mere estate in Immingham and the Willows estate in Grimsby are set to benefit from lower energy bills and more comfortable... read more

25.10.2023 • By Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Powered Now becomes the Main Sponsor of Heating and Plumbing Monthly Awards

Powered Now , a leading provider of innovative apps that support heating and ventilation (HVAC) installers, today announced that it has become... read more

17.10.2023 • By Powered Now

Vanda Coatings Launches Nationwide Shop Front Transformation Competition

[Cardiff, 11/10/2023] – Vanda Coatings, a leading name in shop front rejuvenation, is excited to announce the launch of a ground breaking... read more

11.10.2023 • By Vanda Coatings

Racetrack apartments in Portugal set motorsports fans’ pulses racing!

Portugal’s top racetrack is the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, located a short drive from Portimão and the Algarve’s fabulous beaches. Now... read more

11.10.2023 • By Ideal Homes Portugal

Time Team Special: Digging the Band of Brothers to premiere worldwide on YouTube

Time Team Special: Digging the Band of Brothers to premiere worldwide on YouTube The feature-length documentary starring Sir Tony Robinson... read more

29.09.2023 • By Time Team

How Ecocamel ORB SPA's Soft Water Technology Can Transform Your Hair and Skin

How ORB SPA's Soft Water Technology Can Transform Your Hair and Skin A shower head like no other, Ecocamel’s latest showerhead is a revolution.... read more

27.09.2023 • By Ecocamel Ltd

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