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Formerly the Press Association, PA Media is the UK’s national news agency.

Since 1868 PA Media have been setting the daily news agenda for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland with an unparalleled reach that also extends internationally. With newsrooms, major organisations, TV and radio stations utilising PA Media it is hailed as a trusted source of the most important news.

The news agency distributes thousands of authoritative and timely news articles along with pictures to every major newspaper, magazine, influential organisation, TV & radio station across the country.

Add your press release to PA Media’s MediaPoint/ Explore

Through our partnership with PA Media, we can feed client press releases directly into PA Media’s Mediapoint service.

Mediapoint is the top news monitoring tool in the country used by every major news organization across the UK to source the latest news stories and pictures. Thousands of journalists, editors and reporters use this tool to keep up to date with the latest breaking news.

This ensures your press release is seen by thousands of media organisations across the globe.

Who uses PA Media’s MediaPoint service?

The service is used by:

  • Financial services, travel and transport, sporting clubs and retailers
  • Government departments both central and local
  • Charities and academia
  • PR agencies

Included in this package is editorial formatting where our team format your press release into the industry standard protocol for distribution via the Mediapoint terminal.

Benefits of PA Media distribution:

  • Your press release is added to PA Media’s trusted newswire service called MediaPoint/ Explore
  • Delivered into the newsrooms of every major local, regional and national newspaper (offline/online), radio and TV station across the UK and Ireland
  • Accessible by the journalists, editors, reporters and businesses who access the PA Media news wireonline
  • The PA Media is the UK's leading news agency
  • Cost effective pricing

How do I submit a press release to the PA Media, formerly the Press Association?

When submitting your press release through our self-publishing submission form you can include the PA Media/ Press Association add-on on Step 3.