What really happened at GAM?

The source of an outrageously inaccurate hatchet job on the Steel magnate Sanjeev Gupta, published in the Sunday Times this week, is the sacked... read more

Published by Red Communications PR • 18.03.2020

The “Robin Hood” of energy suppliers is urging Southampton-based residents to switch and save

An ethical energy brand developed by Southampton City Council is urging residents to switch their gas and energy supplier. Dubbed as the... read more

Published by Jenny Bond • 25.04.2019

Danger on two wheels: Cyclist deaths are on the rise in Germany

Newly-released figures are sure to prove a cause for concern for Germany’s avid cyclists. According to provisional data from the Federal... read more

Published by Jenny Bond • 02.04.2019

Chiang Mai has the world’s worst air pollution, but Thailand says it’s ready to act.

It’s an undoubtedly a regrettable position to be in: ranked as the city with the most-polluted air in the entire planet, and no doubt Chiang Mai’s... read more

Published by Mike Armstrong • 03.04.2019

£1 MegaBus ads banned by UK advertising regulator

The UK’s advertising regulator the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned MegaBus from advertising £1 fares across it’s bus/ coach... read more

Published by Greg Bush • 14.02.2019

Major iPhone bug lets you snoop on iPhone users

A major bug has been discovered in the Apple iPhone FaceTime app which allows anyone to listen into the person their calling even if don’t... read more

Published by Jenny Bond • 29.01.2019

Suicide rate plummets after Japan installs blue lights at Tokyo train stations

Across train stations in Japan, various rail companies have been installing blue lights to prevent suicide. It undoubtedly seems strange, but they... read more

Published by Greg Bush • 28.01.2019

You can now skate at Europe's most iconic nightclub

You can now Skate and dance the night away at Berlin's exclusive Berghain club It’s one of Berlin's most iconic nightclubs with a status across... read more

Published by Stephen Fry • 25.01.2019

Australia’s recording breaking heatwave is bad news for wildlife

After a several days of milder weather the sweltering heat wave has quickly returned breaking records across eastern and central Australia with... read more

Published by Simon Mills • 24.01.2019

The Louvre crowned as France’s top tourist spot

The world’s largest art museum the Louvre hosted a record breaking 10.2 million visitors in 2018, up from 25% the previous year. The historic... read more

Published by Mike Armstrong • 03.01.2019

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