Urgent action needed to reduce shocking level of animal use in UK laboratories

In 2019, 3.4 million procedures were carried out in Great Britain involving living animals, according to UK Government statistics published today,... read more

16.07.2020 • By Naturewatch Foundation

New county lines support service will offer lifeline across England and Wales

A new Home Office-funded service to support vulnerable children and young people criminally exploited through county lines will aim to help 225... read more

16.07.2020 • By St Giles Trust

UK exotic pet markets could harbour next pandemic

The Animal Protection Agency (APA) is warning the government not to underestimate the pandemic potential of UK wildlife markets. In England,... read more

16.07.2020 • By Animal Protection Agency Foundation

Yellowbrick and MANTA Partner to Deliver Wide Range of Enterprise Data Solutions

PALO ALTO, Calif. —July 15, 2020 — Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data today announced that MANTA has joined the company’s... read more

15.07.2020 • By MANTA

Exotic pets are deprived of basic freedoms

A least 13,000 species and over 350 million animals are traded annually worldwide for the exotic pet industry, and most are kept in small cages... read more

13.07.2020 • By Animal Protection Agency Foundation

New evidence unveils increased speeds and crashes on rural roads during COVID-19 lockdown

A new research paper analysing the effect on traffic speeds during lockdown has revealed startling difference in speeds on roads when the volume... read more

10.07.2020 • By Agilysis Limited

SocialBox.Biz Offers Public Sector Partnerships for Satisfying Social Contracts

London, England, July 10, 2020: SocialBox.Biz, a London-based social impact venture providing homeless, elderly, and refugee populations with... read more

09.07.2020 • By SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises CIC

Move over Underground map, the London Surface Diagram is here

Ninety years after the creation of the Underground map it cannot be too soon to have a diagram of London at the Surface. An international... read more

08.07.2020 • By Quickmap ltd

54% of Russians Are Against "Putin for Life" - opinion poll on mass emotions in Russia

The results of the Open Mind Foundation (OMF) survey show that the emotional state of Russian citizens is fragile, with unpredicted consequences.... read more

06.07.2020 • By Open Mind Foundation

Leading global events platform Evendo rapidly becoming the “place to go” for virtual experiences

As the demand for traditional events has seen a massive drop due to COVID-19, many event suppliers have transformed their traditional event... read more

02.07.2020 • By Evendo

BlueOcean Gaming launches MiFinity as a new global payment option

Dublin, 1 July 2020 MiFinity, a global payments provider, today announced a new partnership with the online gaming operator and... read more

01.07.2020 • By MiFinity

Dutch market leader in interpretation services on international takeover path with new name

Hengelo, 1 July 2020 – The Dutch market leader in interpretation services opts for international expansion with a name change and its first... read more

01.07.2020 • By Global Talk

iText launches iText pdfOCR, a powerful open-source product enabling text recognition in scanned documents and conversion into editable PDFs

Ghent, Belgium – June 30, 2020. iText Group NV, a globally recognized thought-leader and innovator in PDF libraries and solutions, today announced... read more

30.06.2020 • By iText Software


Brian Marnie, a self-employed driver for Tele & Handys Taxis of Balgray Place, Dundee was the first driver to own a fully electric wheelchair... read more

30.06.2020 • By Vic Young Ltd

OneWeb - The Opportunity for the UK

Harwell, England – June 27th, 2020 – According to press reports, the UK government is a partner in a bid for OneWeb, the UK-headquartered... read more

27.06.2020 • By Satellite Applications Catapult

Scottish Company Offers Beach Booking Reservation free to local authorities

Officials in beach resorts and parks around the country are declaring a "major incident" after thousands of people flocked to local beauty spots &... read more

26.06.2020 • By Total Tickets Ltd

Islington Council court ordered to release information about its controversial plans to build a care home

A tribunal has ordered Islington Borough Council to disclose information after it was found to have purposely withheld information regarding its... read more

25.06.2020 • By Gillian Weston


Ad campaign promotes direct democracy as a peaceful means of resolving conflict Washington, DC (June 24, 2020) Today an international... read more

25.06.2020 • By Stop Fighting Start Voting

Localis essay collection unwraps new ideas to kickstart C19 housing recovery

Independent think-tank Localis has today set out an ambitious set of innovative and practical ideas from itself and 20 leading housing... read more

25.06.2020 • By Localis

Thailand asked to consider scientific studies on vaping

BANGKOK, Thailand - A consumer advocacy group has asked the government of Thailand to follow the lead of Hong Kong in looking at scientific... read more

24.06.2020 • By JFPRC

SaferSalon Launches Covid Secure toolkit for hairdressers, barbers & salons

British Salons and Barbers are preparing to re-open whilst keeping preened punters protected from the spread of Coronavirus. Following months of... read more

24.06.2020 • By Safer Trader Limited

British Events economy could face a GBP 25 billion drop in 2020 due to Covid19

Together with Travel and Tourism, the Events industry is amongst those experiencing the biggest negative impact from Covid19, as social... read more

22.06.2020 • By Evendo

"Use Community Value Charters as fast-track to building back better high streets"

UNDER EMBARGO 00.01 AM GMT Saturday 20 June: The Grimsey Review ‘Build Back Better, Covid-19 Supplement for town centres, released... read more

19.06.2020 • By Localis

Multicultural UK DAY To Make Britain Great

Multicultural UK DAY To Make Britain Great! Since the Murder of Mr George Floyd, on the 25 th May, there has been a global outrage towards... read more

18.06.2020 • By EMMA MEDIA

Joe Biden's Tax Plan To Increase Taxes For Every Household In America, Reports Bambridge Accountants New York

A new report shows that Vice President Biden's tax plans would increase taxes for households at every level, reports Bambridge Accountants New... read more

17.06.2020 • By Bambridge Accountants

How To Increase Your Pension Pot And Retire Early By Bambridge Accountants

How To Increase Your Pension Pot And Retire Early has been published by the tax advisers and accountants Bambridge Accountants. The pension... read more

16.06.2020 • By Bambridge Accountants

HRV Fit Ltd. wins grant with aim of predicting the onset and severity of COVID-19.

The project, entitled, ‘ Using daily Heart Rate Variability measures to identify the onset and severity of COVID-19 ’ is one of just 800... read more

15.06.2020 • By HRV Fit Ltd

40 Days under Covid-19 lockdown

10TH JUNE 2020, LEEDS, W.YORKS, UK PRESS RELEASE - FOR RELEASE ON MONDAY 15TH JUNE ’40 Days under Covid-19 lockdown’ -... read more

15.06.2020 • By Rita Mann

Social-Distancing Solution | New App Turns your Car into a Safe Virtual Waiting Room

UK: With more businesses coming out of lockdown an enterprising company has invented an ingenious app which solves the problem of imposing the... read more

12.06.2020 • By ImHere

Dench eGaming Solutions launches MiFinity payment services as a new global payment option

Dublin, 12th June 2020 MiFinity, a global payments provider, today announced a new partnership with Dench eGaming Solutions to launch... read more

12.06.2020 • By MiFinity

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