Redox Flow Batteries Pivot to a Different Success

It was an active decade. In the 1970s, practicable redox flow batteries RFB, supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries first appeared. All of... read more

29.12.2023 • By Zhar Research

Even Longer Duration Energy Storage Arrives

Electricity delayed for more than eight hours is required in most locations as they adopt more wind and solar. The delay extends with more... read more

28.12.2023 • By Zhar Research Now Available In The UK


28.12.2023 • By

Zhar Research's New Report on 6G Communications: Optical Materials Opportunities

A unique new 355-page report identifies your huge optical material and component opportunities from 6G Communications as it becomes... read more

19.12.2023 • By Zhar Research

In new Film God Versus UFOS, Harvard Professor States That Aliens May Be Using Other Dimensions to visit us!

GOD VERSUS UFOS - A NEW FILM ABOUT THE PARANORMAL SIDE OF UFOS By award winning film-maker of God Versus Aliens - a hit film on Tubi in the... read more

13.12.2023 • By Nub Music

Harnessing Data Analytics in HR and Recruitment: The Future of Workforce Engagement

Entering 2024, Tiny Happy HR announces a strategic initiative to utilise data analytics to enhance the employee experience. This initiative... read more

13.12.2023 • By Tiny Happy HR

Holiday Magic Meets Smart Living: The Ultimate Smart Home Gift Guide from EZVIZ for Your Family and Loved Ones

Finding that perfect gift for your close friends and family has always been a tricky task. Time to surprise them with your good taste of smart... read more

13.12.2023 • By EZVIZ

Passive Cooling Reinvented

Cooling without using energy is the future. This is because it does not emit heat and mostly it is non-toxic, non-flammable and very long-lasting.... read more

07.12.2023 • By Zhar Research

Here Comes a $5 billion Redox Flow Battery Company

Chapters 6 SWOT appraisals 5 Forecast lines 2024-2044 28 Infograms, tables, graphs 113... read more

05.12.2023 • By Zhar Research

Empowering Traders Worldwide: MiFunder's Breakthrough Funding Program Takes Center Stage

MiFunder , a modern proprietary firm, announces the launch of their new funding platform for traders. Skilled forex traders often have limited... read more

30.11.2023 • By MiFunder

All I Want For Christmas Is U.........FO!

Date 28th November 2023 IMPACT NOW ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS U………..FO! Nub TV, the world’s first 24/7 channel mixing UFOS,... read more

29.11.2023 • By Nub Music

Generating a new era: unleashing the power of Gen-AI in insurance at inaugural conference

In a groundbreaking initiative, industry pioneers from the realm of insurance are set to converge and explore the vast landscape of generative... read more

29.11.2023 • By Intelligent Insurer

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces RIS in 2024

The 2030 launch date for 6G Communications is approaching and for that RIS will not be an afterthought – it will be essential. Importantly, if we... read more

23.11.2023 • By Zhar Research

8% of Brits in transport poverty - Lift-sharing saves £1034 a year

New data from the Social Market Foundation (SMF) shows that 5 million people (8% of the British population) are being driven into poverty by... read more

20.11.2023 • By Liftshare


Nub TV IS The World ’ s First 24/7 OTT TV Channel, Mixing UFOs, The Paranormal, & Music ... “THE ROCK & ROLL TRUTH IS OUT... read more

20.11.2023 • By Nub Music

A24 awarded global compliance PCI DSS 4 certification, safeguarding the future of payments

MEDIA RELEASE A24 awarded global compliance PCI DSS 4 certification, safeguarding the future of payments. Monday, 20 November 2023,... read more

20.11.2023 • By Manning and Co Group

New Hydrogel Procedures Transforming Medicine

Three-dimensional hydrogel-based organ-like cultures can be applied to study development, regeneration, and disease in vitro. Remarkable work is... read more

17.11.2023 • By Zhar Research

69% of American pet parents are nose blind according to new research

NEW YORK: 69% of American pet parents say it’s possible they are nose blind when it comes to the true smell of their pet, according to a new... read more

15.11.2023 • By Sunstar

Off-Grid Long Duration Energy Storage Takes Off

Sites that are off-grid or capable of being off-grid are growing rapidly. From buildings to industrial processes, data centers, desalination... read more

15.11.2023 • By Zhar Research

For Fans of The Crown & UFOS - New Film - King Of UFOs - explores the British Royal Family's Interest in UFOs & the Paranormal

THE KING OF UFOS - A new UFO documentary for Christmas 2024 - out on Tubi & Amazon 1st December The King Of UFOs is a new... read more

13.11.2023 • By Nub Music Review | Is It Legit & Safe Or?

Is FxOption a legit and safe place to trade? Read our review to find out. We cover pros, cons, safety, minimum deposit, withdrawal, and... read more

13.11.2023 • By FxOption

ChefOnline: Revolutionising the Indian Food Experience in the UK

ChefOnline, a food ordering platform, is transforming how Indian food enthusiasts experience their favourite cuisine. In this blog post, we will... read more

10.11.2023 • By ChefOnline

Opia announces a new sustainability-focused Trade-In Program for driving sales.

Supported by their end-to-end promotional service, Opia’s new Trade-In Program enables brands to offer their customers an eco-friendly option... read more

09.11.2023 • By Opia Ltd

Intelligent Insurer Launches Inaugural European Cyber Insurance Awards

London, 7th February 2024, Intelligent Insurer is proud to launch its inaugural Cyber Insurance Awards Europe 2024. Taking place in London on... read more

07.11.2023 • By Intelligent Insurer

Aleph Alpha raises a total investment of more than half a billion US Dollars from a consortium of industry leaders and new investors

Berlin, November 06, 2023 A broad consortium of new and existing investors collaborates for the series B round of Germany's leading developer... read more

06.11.2023 • By news aktuell

Quit for Good signs global statement of support for tobacco harm reduction

Quit for Good, a public health advocacy group based in the Philippines, has joined other scientific organizations and associations across the... read more

06.11.2023 • By Quit For Good

Global Resale changes name to Foxway

Foxway and Global Resale are excited to announce a significant milestone in its evolution. Global Resale, Ltd is part of Foxway Group, a European... read more

06.11.2023 • By Foxway UK

UK AI Company, Imagine AI Studios, Launches Comprehensive Content and Image Generation Services

Imagine AI Studios, a new name in the technology landscape of the United Kingdom, proudly announces the launch of its comprehensive content and... read more

05.11.2023 • By Imagine Studios Ai Ltd

Chile On Track to Become the Next Norway with New Technology

Chile and Norway are both very long, thin countries with mountains on one side, sea on the other, extremes of climate top to bottom. Their people... read more

31.10.2023 • By Zhar Research

SonicScrubber™ Builds On Social Media Success With Rebrand & Range Expansion

London: SonicScrubber™, the social media cleaning sensation- loved by leading cleaning influencers Lynsey Queen of Clean, Anna Louisa and Mrs... read more

31.10.2023 • By Brand Pharmacists - Susumi Group

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