EZVIZ runs big spring sales to offer week-long discounts on its smart home security products that will give you whole-year peace of mind

EZVIZ runs big spring sales to offer week-long discounts on its smart home security products that will give you whole-year peace of... read more

19.03.2024 • By EZVIZ

A Piece of Rarity: The Porsche 911 GT3 RS as Co-Ownership through Supercar Sharing®

For automotive enthusiasts, the Porsche 911 992 GT3 RS is more than just a car - it is a symbol of performance, high engineering and racing... read more

12.03.2024 • By Supercar Sharing AG

New Documentary on Amazon Prime Sees UFO Hunters in UK Summon A UFO!

NEW DOCUMENTARY ON AMAZON PRIME OUT NOW UFO ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND A new documentary by award winning film-maker Mark Christopher Lee is... read more

08.03.2024 • By Nub Music

Zero Energy Devices to be Adopted into 6G Infastructure

6G Communications will become more viable by adopting zero energy devices ZED in its infrastructure. In addition, many 6G business cases are... read more

08.03.2024 • By Zhar Research

New Low Loss and Thermal Solutions Bring Huge Benefits to 6G Challenges

6G Communications will bring huge benefits as long the challenges are solved. New low loss and thermal solutions are an essential part of this.... read more

08.03.2024 • By Zhar Research

Launch of new Cooke Digital business

Leicester, UK – Wed 6 March 2024 Cooke is excited to announce the creation of its new Cooke Digital business unit, headed by newly-recruited... read more

07.03.2024 • By Cooke

The Back-to-Front World of Electronics

For thousands of years, the Arabs have had sophisticated unpowered cooling of houses even via aquifers below. Contrast today’s vapor compression... read more

07.03.2024 • By Zhar Research

Zero Energy Devices ZED: Self-powered and Backscatter-Powered Electronics and Electrics Markets, Technology 2024-2044

You could call a solar flashlight and an anti-theft tag “zero-energy devices” but the subject is about to take a huge leap forward well beyond... read more

04.03.2024 • By Zhar Research

Social media stimulating trade in cheetahs as pets, says new data

70% of the burgeoning online trade in Cheetahs is happening on social media. Research by TRAFFIC and shows a growing online trend in illegal... read more

01.03.2024 • By TRAFFIC

Why Not Share the Joy of Reminiscence with Older Adults?

Living Memories Online, an innovative UK web portal offering archive films and reminiscence resources, developed by Devon based non-profit... read more

29.02.2024 • By Living Memories C.I.C

DocHQ Physio receives National Institute for Health and Care Research grant

PIONEERING health and wellbeing partner DocHQ is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking AI-driven remote physiotherapy service, DocHQ... read more

26.02.2024 • By DocHQ

Le Chef plc Triumphs in the Court of Appeal

London, February 22, 2024 – Le Chef plc, proudly operating under the trading name Chef Online , celebrates a significant legal victory following... read more

22.02.2024 • By ChefOnline

Sereno Welcomes Mit Patel as the New Chairman, Igniting a New Chapter of Growth and Success

London, United Kingdom—15 February 2024— London based IT services provider, Sereno IT Support is delighted to announce the appointment of Mit... read more

15.02.2024 • By Sereno IT Support Ltd

DocHQ expanding its reach to offer employees innovative health and wellbeing benefits

Trusted health and wellbeing partner DocHQ is proud to announce a new marketplace collaboration with 3R Strategy, an independent reward... read more

14.02.2024 • By DocHQ

Single window service Discover Ecommerce world of antiques

The new online service, Antiqon PRO, offers art market professionals an effective way to promote art and antiques on the Internet. Antiqon... read more

14.02.2024 • By Antiqon Pro

A Decade of Making an Impact: Social And Tech Innovations From SocialBox.Biz

Embracing the power of technology for good! Tech innovator @socialboxbiz calls on UK businesses to re-use their old but useful laptops to... read more

12.02.2024 • By SocialBox.Biz Trading Enterprises CIC

Lithium-Ion Capacitors Achieve New Superlatives

Few people have heard of lithium-ion capacitors LIC. Despite their name, they are lithium-ion supercapacitors because they typically have one... read more

10.02.2024 • By Zhar Research

Codasip achieves certification for automotive functional safety and cybersecurity

TÜV SÜD has audited and certified the company’s IP hardware development according to ISO 26262 and ISO/SAE 21434 Munich, Germany, 1 February... read more

01.02.2024 • By Codasip

Hybrid Energy Storage Becomes Big Business

Delayed electricity is required for backup, to cover intermittency of supply and demand, to smooth fierce inputs and to provide fierce outputs... read more

01.02.2024 • By Zhar Research

Hybrid Storage - Looking into Lithium-Ion Capacitors

This new commercially oriented 470-page report finds that lithium-ion capacitors LIC and other battery supercapacitor hybrid BSH energy storage... read more

31.01.2024 • By Zhar Research

Advanced Materials and Components Become Fit-and-Forget in 2024

Fit-and-forget is becoming the mantra. New materials are the key to it. Electric vehicles have almost no maintenance because they have less to go... read more

30.01.2024 • By Zhar Research


OOONO CO-DRIVER promptly warns drivers of all types of speed cameras and road hazards Two models to choose from based on user preferences and... read more

29.01.2024 • By OOONO A/S

Supercapacitors - Introducing the Energy Storage Solution

Create a $1 billion supercapacitor business. Supercapacitors are made in 22 countries by over 100 manufacturers but the data-based analysis in a... read more

29.01.2024 • By Zhar Research

New Movie God Versus UFOs States That Some Members Of The US & UK Governments Think That UFOS Are Actually Demons!


26.01.2024 • By Nub Music


OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF GUIDA.TV guida.tv Introducing Guida.TV , an innovative TV listings platform created to transform how Italians plan... read more

20.01.2024 • By Guida.TV


LANCIO UFFICIALE DI GUIDA.TV www.guida.tv Presentiamo Guida.TV , una piattaforma online innovativa, creata per trasformare il modo in... read more

20.01.2024 • By Guida.TV

QFG slams WHO’s latest report as ‘unscientific’

A public health advocacy group based in the Philippines has criticized the latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) on the use of... read more

15.01.2024 • By Quit For Good

Newly Launched Stan The App Partners With the RAC - Empowering Communities to Report Potholes Instantly

Horsham, United Kingdom, 15th January 2024: Stan, a revolutionary mobile application marks a significant milestone in the realm of road safety and... read more

15.01.2024 • By Stan

Rock Band The Pocket Gods Continue Their Protest Against Spotify Stating That Being Paid £400 for 2 million Streams Of Their Last Album Is Scandalous!

UK Indie band The Pocket Gods have been campaigning for fairer royalties from Spotify since 2015 by releasing a series of 30 second song albums to... read more

13.01.2024 • By Nub Music

Breathing hope to families of special care babies as The Anderson Foundation helps fund a neonatal ventilator

A recent Christmas Luncheon held at The Rosewood Hotel, London and organised by The Anderson Foundation, resulted in a donation of £26,000 to the... read more

08.01.2024 • By New Life Special Care Babies

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