I want to see equality for everyone

A young man from the Hawick area who was bullied at school for having a lesbian mother and left too scared to come out himself, wants teachers... read more

07.05.2013 • By Fixers

Bexley teens campaign against smoking

Two school mentors are so shocked at the level of young people smoking in Bexley they are creating a film to encourage them to stub out the ash.... read more

07.05.2013 • By Fixers

Campaign to smash human trafficking in Sheffield

Campaign to smash human trafficking in Sheffield A Sheffield ‘Fixer’ is campaigning to expose the plight of women who have been trafficked into... read more

08.04.2013 • By Fixers

North Cornwall teenager uses family tragedy to help the young bereaved

A North Cornwall Fixer who lost her brother to leukaemia is using her tragic experience to help bereaved schoolchildren. Jasmine Crayton, 17,... read more

04.04.2013 • By Fixers

Flintshire teenager to use phone app to educate young people about STIs

Flintshire ‘Fixer’ Jenna Giddings wants to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases amongst young people in North Wales. Jenna, 16,... read more

05.04.2013 • By Fixers

Essex cheerleaders rally young women to stick with sport

A team of Essex cheerleaders are ‘fixing’ an issue close to their hearts by campaigning to get young women aged 16 to 25 back into sport. Led by... read more

04.04.2013 • By Fixers

Girls spend two hours getting ready and boys drink protein shakes to look good for school in Peebles.

A group of 16 and 17 year-old Fixers in Peebles are on a mission to persuade younger pupils at their school not to obsess about their looks. The... read more

04.04.2013 • By Fixers

We are not worlds apart – free event in Swansea

A student from Swansea is holding a free event to help get different generations within families to interact better and decrease family rifts.... read more

18.03.2013 • By Fixers

Alot of people doubted me, but look at me now.

A one-time boxing club is turning around young lives in York. As a new film by Inspired Youth documents its work, director Kev Curran talks to the... read more

14.03.2013 • By The Jack Raine Community Foundation

Paralympian Kate Murray backs campaign encouraging people to look past disabilities

A group of mixed ability ‘Fixers’ from Dumfries have won the support of Paralympian Kate Murray to get disabled and able-bodied young people mixing... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

Teenagers in the Welsh Valleys take action to stop drug from savaging their generation

She says she has seen children as young as 11 snorting drugs from park benches in her hometown. In fact, Charlotte O’Connell, 16, says... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

Growing up without mum and dad made me a target for playground bullies.

A Bristol Fixer who was bullied at school because he was raised by foster parents is drawing on his own experience to campaign for greater respect... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

I was born in the wrong body and want to help others like me

A Salford Fixer is drawing on his own experience to smash stereotypes and promote understanding about the transgender community. Born a girl,... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

Emotional conflict of life growing up on the home front

School can be tough for any young person, but it can be even harder when your mum or dad is in the forces. Now a group of Plymouth Fixers are... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

We’re using our battles with food to promote eating disorder understanding.

Three Tyneside-based Fixers are drawing on their own battles with food in a bid to break down the stigma and misconceptions around eating... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

Local magician lights up Tonbridge and puts on a show for Tonbridge Mayor

A record breaking magician who put on a free show to cheer up ‘gloomy’ residents of Tonbridge will be on TV this week reporting on whether his... read more

08.03.2013 • By Fixers

Business to fund new Shnuggle Baby Bath through crowd funding!

Small business turns to crowdfunding to launch new product after banks fail to lend. Adam, managing director, Shnuggle Ltd says, "Crowd... read more

07.03.2013 • By Shnuggle

Reality TV star and model backs young Stockport stroke victim’s awareness campaign

A young stroke victim from Stockport whose awareness campaign has won the support of reality TV star and model Chloe Cummings will be featured on... read more

05.02.2013 • By Fixers

TV star Gaynor Faye backs young Leeds man to stand up to bullies

A young man from Leeds who has won the support of TV actress Gaynor Faye as he confronts bullies head-on will be featured on ITV News Calendar on... read more

06.02.2013 • By Fixers

Disability or not - Worcester Tech Students raise efforts for greater integration.

Young people calling for greater integration of students with disabilities and learning difficulties into the social side of college life will be... read more

06.02.2013 • By Fixers

Long-term unemployed Newcastle man encourages other young people not to give up hope

A young Newcastle man who has experienced long periods of unemployment and is now encouraging other young people to stay positive will be featured... read more

06.02.2013 • By Fixers

Young people on Taunton estate urge local council not to forget about them

Young people who are appealing to their local council to provide a drop-in service on a Taunton housing estate will be featured on ITV News West... read more

05.02.2013 • By Fixers

Family Investments Reveals The British Towns With Most Affordable Childcare For Working Families

New Childcare Affordability Report examines the average cost of childcare relative to earnings across Great Britain. Stoke is the most... read more

03.07.2012 • By Family Investments

ADAM Award honours young talent

Adam Bradford is a young entrepreneur from Sheffield whose talents have attracted the likes of Levi Roots and Peter Jones CBE. He is to honour the... read more

05.01.2012 • By Adam Bradford (c/o GBB Associates)

Scribbler.com Launches a Range of Personalised Valentines Cards

Scribbler.com has unveiled its new look website in time for the Valentines day madness. Hoping to capitalise on the British publics ever-growing... read more

17.01.2012 • By Scribbler

Family Investments launch Family Nest making family finance simple

Family Investments have launched the Family Nest site, which aims to explain and simplify family finance options. Family Investments have... read more

18.01.2012 • By SiteVisibility

Discount Banner Printing To Provide FREE Banners To Charities, Colleges Or Schools

A FREE 6ft x 2ft top quality full colour printed PVC banner from Discount Banner Printing will help bring the crowds flocking to your charity,... read more

18.04.2012 • By Discount Banner Printing

Brolly Sheets, cost effective bedwetting solution, sells 100,000th waterproof sheet.

Brolly Sheets is proud to announce that it has sold 100,000 units of its award winning waterproof bed linen . Bed wetting is associated with... read more

03.05.2012 • By Brolly Sheets UK Limited

New iPad Game Fingerfun Reinvents Childrens Fine Motor Skills Development

Educational games for children developer Kujifun in cooperation with leading scholars of preschool education releases Fingerfun - their first... read more

05.07.2012 • By Kujifun Ltd.

Survey reveals communication is paramount for deaf children’s development

A small scale survey carried out by The Office for Standards in Education has revealed that early diagnosis and access to communication support is... read more

17.10.2012 • By Falcon PR

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