Texcyle Enterprises adopts sustainability with Bio elastane in the socks industry.

Texcyle, an Indian socks supplier launches ground-breaking bio-elastane socks, pioneering sustainability in the global socks market... read more

08.02.2024 • By Texcyle Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Beehive News: Promoting Journalistic Excellence with a Cutting-Edge, AI-Powered News Assessment Platform

In today's fast-paced digital world, the quest for credible, comprehensive, and unbiased information is more critical than ever. Beehive News... read more

07.02.2024 • By Beehive News

66% of surveyed drivers wouldn’t consider buying an EV.

Around two-thirds of non-EV drivers say they will still not be switching to an electric car any time soon. A recent survey conducted by Refused... read more

06.02.2024 • By Refused Car Finance

NSF Research Reveals 72% of Brits Demand Animal Wellness Compliance from Food Companies

NSF research shows that a significant shift towards ethical consumerism is underway, with a majority of Brits calling for clear animal wellness... read more

06.02.2024 • By NSF

ServerSys Announces Brand and Website Relaunch

[Reading, Berkshire] ServerSys, a leader in solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and the Microsoft Power Platform, proudly announces the... read more

06.02.2024 • By ServerSys

New Book Shares Useful Strategies For Navigating Early Career

Communications consultant and mentor Rosie Duncan publishes a new book designed to function as an in-your-pocket mentor, guiding people in the... read more

05.02.2024 • By LID Business Media

Super Ninja Acquires Waspinator

Ilkley/Gouda – February 2 2024 – Super Ninja, a leading provider of non-toxic pest control solutions, has acquired Waspinator Ltd, the UK-based... read more

02.02.2024 • By Super Ninja Waspinator UK Ltd

Visa and Fibank Unveil Exclusive Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic-Themed Cards

Visa and Fibank are joining forces in Bulgaria for the second consecutive Olympic Games to launch exclusive debit and credit cards... read more

01.02.2024 • By Fibank

Jim Zockoll, serial entrepreneur and founder of Dyno-Rod, has died at the age of 93.

Jim Zockoll, serial entrepreneur and founder of Dyno-Rod, has died at the age of 93. James Francis Zockoll was born on February 14, 1930, the... read more

31.01.2024 • By The Zockoll Group Ltd

STACK Infrastructure Certified “Great Place to Work” in EMEA

The Great Place to Work certification testifies STACK’s commitment to creating a safe, positive, and inclusive environment where staff can thrive... read more

30.01.2024 • By STACK Infrastructure EMEA

Floki Addresses Concerns Raised by Hong Kong

Floki Addresses Concerns Raised by Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission January 29, 2024 : Floki has noted the Securities and... read more

29.01.2024 • By Floki

RSM Ebner Stolz supports the Dutch-German Vion Food Group, a leading international producer of meat, meat products and plant-based alternatives, in the sale of parts of its German portfolio

Sale of the Altenburg site in Thuringia (cattle slaughtering and production of pre-packed consumer products) and the ham specialist Ahlener... read more

29.01.2024 • By news aktuell

Liquid Friday and Jarvis Pension Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Retirement Planning for UK Contractors

Liquid Friday, a prominent name in the UK contracting sector, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Jarvis Pension, a leading... read more

29.01.2024 • By Liquid Friday

Supercapacitors - Introducing the Energy Storage Solution

Create a $1 billion supercapacitor business. Supercapacitors are made in 22 countries by over 100 manufacturers but the data-based analysis in a... read more

29.01.2024 • By Zhar Research

Conflow Power Group Confirms $250 Million Funding Agreement with Cede Bank for iLamp Technology Rollout

London, England, January 26 2024, Conflow Power Group Limited (CPG) is pleased to confirm the final agreement for a $250,000,000 (approx 197... read more

29.01.2024 • By ConFlow Power Group limited

Tackling perceptions about homelessness should be part of the solution to the UK poverty crisis

UK charity Chief Executive responds to latest Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on poverty A UK homelessness charity has spoken out about the... read more

25.01.2024 • By International Network of Street Papers (INSP)

exceet Card Group acquires scandinavian ID solutions provider idpeople / exceet Card Group continues its growth story

Skovlunde (Copenhagen)/Kematen (Tyrol) – exceet Card Group, headquartered in Kematen in Tyrol Austria, is among Europe's leading manufacturers... read more

25.01.2024 • By news aktuell

Financial Services Tax Firm, Hansuke Consulting, Announces Partnership with WTS Global

London, UK – Hansuke Consulting, a specialist financial services tax firm, has announced its membership to WTS Global, the leading global tax... read more

25.01.2024 • By WTS Hansuke

Swiss Portfolio Manager, Gefion Capital Launches Gold-Denominated Note to Invest in Monetary Metals’ Gold Leases and Bonds

The Monetary Metals® Diversified Gold Income Note will target a 6% to 8% yield on gold, paid in gold to qualified, non-US investors.... read more

23.01.2024 • By Monetary Metals


OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF GUIDA.TV guida.tv Introducing Guida.TV , an innovative TV listings platform created to transform how Italians plan... read more

20.01.2024 • By Guida.TV

Cap10 Is Sued for Fraud and Conspiracy As Court Blocks Cap10’s Attempt To Take Over UK Addiction Treatment Company

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (January 19 th 2024) - A Florida court has temporarily blocked Cap10 Partners LLP’s attempt to takeover a UK addiction... read more

19.01.2024 • By Greg Lindberg

Security Industry Partnership to Support Mental Health in 2024

Mental health charity PTSD Resolution and ASIS UK have announced a partnership for 2024 to highlight the mental health issues experienced by many... read more

18.01.2024 • By PTSD Resolution

Dine in Style - Unveiling the Latest Trends in Restaurant Menu Covers for 2024

As the restaurant industry evolves, the first impression made on diners becomes increasingly crucial. In 2024, the trend is about presenting menus... read more

17.01.2024 • By Smart Hospitality Supplies

Families impacted by spike in support for older loved ones in winter

62% are more concerned about the welfare of older relatives and friends in winter compared with other times of the year Nearly 1 in 2 give more... read more

17.01.2024 • By Greensleeves Care

Professional Academy Launches ILM Level 7 Strategic Leadership & Management Course in Cambridge, UK

Following the CMI’s shocking 2023 report that a mere 18% of those in UK management positions have had proper leadership & management training,... read more

16.01.2024 • By Professional Academy

Rock Band The Pocket Gods Continue Their Protest Against Spotify Stating That Being Paid £400 for 2 million Streams Of Their Last Album Is Scandalous!

UK Indie band The Pocket Gods have been campaigning for fairer royalties from Spotify since 2015 by releasing a series of 30 second song albums to... read more

13.01.2024 • By Nub Music

The strategic impact of SMS communications in various business sectors

Nowadays, lightning fast and reliable communication is key. That's where SMS notifications come in. From healthcare to e-commerce, SMS is making... read more

12.01.2024 • By SMSEagle

Frustrated with your wealth manager? This is why you should work with TPP.

TPP is empowering investors globally: Wealth managers around the world were guilty of lavishing themselves with praise as an unexpected year... read more

11.01.2024 • By EF News


Ultra-acquisitive business Telecom Acquisitions (TAL) is on the hunt for traditional resellers, ISPs and altnets keen to sell their residential... read more

11.01.2024 • By Frontline Agencies Limited

Revolutionising the Food Service Landscape in 2024: Sustainable Practices Take Center Stage

In the months after a groundbreaking COP28, the spotlight intensifies on the food service industry's commitment to sustainable practices, as... read more

11.01.2024 • By Chapter Communications

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