Hybrid Storage - Looking into Lithium-Ion Capacitors

This new commercially oriented 470-page report finds that lithium-ion capacitors LIC and other battery supercapacitor hybrid BSH energy storage... read more

31.01.2024 • By Zhar Research

Advanced Materials and Components Become Fit-and-Forget in 2024

Fit-and-forget is becoming the mantra. New materials are the key to it. Electric vehicles have almost no maintenance because they have less to go... read more

30.01.2024 • By Zhar Research

New Movie God Versus UFOs States That Some Members Of The US & UK Governments Think That UFOS Are Actually Demons!


26.01.2024 • By Nub Music

Tackling perceptions about homelessness should be part of the solution to the UK poverty crisis

UK charity Chief Executive responds to latest Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on poverty A UK homelessness charity has spoken out about the... read more

25.01.2024 • By International Network of Street Papers (INSP)

Transforming Military Futures at Tidworth National Careers Fair 2024

British Forces Resettlement Services are Transforming Futures:  Tidworth Gears Up for the BFRS Tidworth National Careers Fair on Thursday... read more

17.01.2024 • By British Forces Resettlement Services

Rock Band The Pocket Gods Continue Their Protest Against Spotify Stating That Being Paid £400 for 2 million Streams Of Their Last Album Is Scandalous!

UK Indie band The Pocket Gods have been campaigning for fairer royalties from Spotify since 2015 by releasing a series of 30 second song albums to... read more

13.01.2024 • By Nub Music

Legacy Youth Zone Croydon Empowering Inclusive Learning

Legacy Youth Zone prides themselves on being an environment where all young people can unlock and discover their full potential regardless of... read more

19.12.2023 • By Legacy Youth Zone

On global Human Rights Day, 75+ groups from across the UK issue an open letter to the Prime Minister and political leaders, urging them to protect universal human rights in the UK.

Media Release 06.12.2020 EMBARGOED 00.01am 10.12.2023 On global Human Rights Day, 75+ groups from across the UK issue an open... read more

10.12.2023 • By The British Institute of Human Rights

Broken Water, by Michèle Winstanley PREMIERES at Arcola Theatre Feb 2024

PRESS RELEASE “A moving, powerful play that stayed with me.” – Kathy Burke Broken Water by Michéle Winstanley The... read more

08.12.2023 • By Caroline Newte Hardie

Okala-DRC deal to unlock Congo’s natural capital wealth

UNDER EMBARGO Okala-DRC deal to unlock Congo’s natural capital wealth COP, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 3rd December 2023 – A... read more

03.12.2023 • By Okala Ltd

All I Want For Christmas Is U.........FO!

Date 28th November 2023 IMPACT NOW ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS U………..FO! Nub TV, the world’s first 24/7 channel mixing UFOS,... read more

29.11.2023 • By Nub Music

Urgent need for Ministers to be trained in complex decision making

Former NAO Director and Coronadiary author David Finlay says COVID Inquiry evidence of “bamboozled” PM and “chaos as usual” shows untrained... read more

29.11.2023 • By David Finlay

New Hydrogel Procedures Transforming Medicine

Three-dimensional hydrogel-based organ-like cultures can be applied to study development, regeneration, and disease in vitro. Remarkable work is... read more

17.11.2023 • By Zhar Research

Off-Grid Long Duration Energy Storage Takes Off

Sites that are off-grid or capable of being off-grid are growing rapidly. From buildings to industrial processes, data centers, desalination... read more

15.11.2023 • By Zhar Research

People with misunderstood autism profile facing mental health crisis say national charity.

In a report released today PDA Society revealed that more than 80% of autistic adults with a PDA profile have considered taking their own lives.... read more

14.11.2023 • By PDA Society

For Fans of The Crown & UFOS - New Film - King Of UFOs - explores the British Royal Family's Interest in UFOs & the Paranormal

THE KING OF UFOS - A new UFO documentary for Christmas 2024 - out on Tubi & Amazon 1st December The King Of UFOs is a new... read more

13.11.2023 • By Nub Music

The Man to Sail the Pacific Before His 70th Birthday Writes a Book on Achieving High Stake Dreams

Dare to Dream , by seasoned adventure Lowell Sheppard, is an original book that demonstrates that it is never too late to live your dreams.... read more

13.11.2023 • By LID Business Media

Stephanie Neave: new UKRIO CEO

UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) is pleased to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Stephanie Neave. Stephanie is an accomplished... read more

08.11.2023 • By UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO)

The Literary Landscape: Kondrashov’s Impact on Future Russian Authors

Lugano, Switzerland - October 31st, 2023 — In the ever-evolving landscape of Russian literature, the name Stanislav Kondrashov shines as a... read more

01.11.2023 • By Stanislav Kondrashov

Chile On Track to Become the Next Norway with New Technology

Chile and Norway are both very long, thin countries with mountains on one side, sea on the other, extremes of climate top to bottom. Their people... read more

31.10.2023 • By Zhar Research

Stanislav Kondrashov: The Evolution of a Political Columnist in ‘Izvestia’

Lugano, Switzerland, October 21st 2023  — In the expansive realm of journalism, particularly within the intricate web of political columnists,... read more

26.10.2023 • By Stanislav Kondrashov

Best Seller MY SILK ROAD Now Available In Paperback

My Silk Road, The Adventures and Struggles of a British Asian Refugee by author and businessman Ram Gidoomal, CBE with a foreword by Dame Prue... read more

25.10.2023 • By Serendipity PR & Media Ltd

New Book Delivers an Essential Guide to Building a Business That’s Smarter Than You

In worshipping at the altar of the genius CEO, we’ve lost sight of what really drives an enduringly successful business. Collective Intelligence... read more

23.10.2023 • By LID Business Media

Legacy Youth Zone and Babyzone Partner to Combat Parental Loneliness Through a Free Safe Space

Parenthood, while rewarding, often comes with its own set of challenges. One of the significant hurdles parents face is the feeling of isolation... read more

19.10.2023 • By Legacy Youth Zone

New Report on the Emerging $230 billion Market for Battery-Free Electricity Storage

SWOT appraisals 6 Chapters 8 Forecast lines 2024-2044 31 Infograms, tables,... read more

19.10.2023 • By Zhar Research

Stanislav Kondrashov's Illumination of Global Events

October 16th  — Stanislav Kondrashov, often celebrated as the definitive voice of his generation, transcends the confines of the expansive... read more

17.10.2023 • By Stanislav Kondrashov

Political Discourse: Stanislav Kondrashov’s Unparalleled Influence in Modern Journalism

October 16th 2023  — In an era dominated by divisive politics and the ceaseless churn of fast-scrolling news feeds, the rare gem of... read more

16.10.2023 • By Stanislav Kondrashov

Celebrating the Literary Journalism of Stanislav Kondrashov: Where Facts and Prose Converge

Lugano, October 13th 2023  — Stanislav Kondrashov is not your typical journalist; he is a remarkable fusion of literary genius and investigative... read more

13.10.2023 • By Stanislav Kondrashov

Legacy Youth Zone Triumphs at Charles Gordon Trust Awards with Charity Organisation Excellence Award

In a night filled with glitz, glamour, and a celebration of altruism, Legacy Youth Zone emerged victorious at the Charles Gordon Trust Awards,... read more

13.10.2023 • By Legacy Youth Zone

Beyond the Newsroom: Kondrashov’s Legacy on 'International Panorama'

October 9th 2023  — In the heart of the Cold War, amid layers of propaganda and distorted narratives, emerged a pioneering program that sought to... read more

09.10.2023 • By Stanislav Kondrashov

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