Hard-hitting advertising campaign launched to encourage an increase in early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

A powerful advertising campaign launched today by Pancreatic Cancer Action, ultimately aims to encourage the general public to take a trip to the... read more

04.02.2014 • By Pancreatic Cancer Action

Transatlantic rowers reach Barbados completing epic 3,000 mile voyage

At 1.48pm GMT, on Saturday February 1st, 50 days after setting off from Gran Canaria, two friends from Shropshire arrived safe and sound in... read more

03.02.2014 • By Cure Leukaemia

Bodybuilding Warehouse announce opening of state of the art factory

Bodybuilding Warehouse , a leading provider of sports supplements, has just announced the opening of a new state of the art factory within their... read more

18.12.2013 • By Bodybuilding Warehouse / Andy Wilson

NHS 111 reaches Nottingham with Advan.co.uk

Advan.co.uk have coordinated a marketing initiative for Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), projecting the ongoing NHS campaign... read more

26.11.2013 • By Advan.co.uk

Charity calls for immediate action to improve the cancer tipped to overtake breast cancer as the UK’s 4th biggest cancer killer by 2030

With pancreatic cancer predicted to overtake breast cancer as the UK’s fourth biggest cause of cancer death by 2030, Pancreatic Cancer Action... read more

25.11.2013 • By Pancreatic Cancer Action

VAPESTICK comes out top in independent E-Cig study

VAPESTICK, one of the UK’s leading brands for electronic cigarettes, has confirmed that its flagship product, the VAPESTICK MAX, was recently... read more

21.11.2013 • By VAPESTICK

Finally a DIY Sperm Quality Test That Works

MotilityCount has made a home test that measures how well the sperm cells swim. Test available in UK shops in 2014. Following last month’s... read more

19.11.2013 • By MotilityCount Aps

NHS 111 targets Nottingham with Media Agency Group

Media Agency Group is working with Nottingham City NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in order to minimise unnecessary Emergency Department... read more

11.11.2013 • By Media Agency Group

Skin Deep Medical Fills the Gap with Out of Home International

Medical aesthetics clinic brand Skin Deep Medical are launching an outdoor advertising campaign co-ordinated by Out of Home International and... read more

08.11.2013 • By Out of Home International

Out of Home International Highlights the Importance of NHS Breast Screenings

NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR CCG) has tasked Out of Home International with launching a multi-format... read more

05.11.2013 • By Out of Home International

Department of Health Purchases 20 New Radiotherapy Machines to Battle Cancer

Cancer patients are set to benefit from the very latest cancer treatment technology thanks to a £30 million deal to purchase 20 new radiotherapy... read more

27.08.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR

Cogora to acquire leading GP brand 'Pulse'

Cogora has today entered into a definitive agreement with Briefing Media to buy Pulse, the market-leading magazine and website for a highly engaged... read more

01.11.2013 • By Cogora

Clinuvel Pharmaceutical Publishes Positive Data on SCENESSE® in Rare Skin Disorder

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Limited: Physician-led pilot study successful in Hailey-Hailey disease, future Phase II in development Clinuvel... read more

28.10.2013 • By

What’s The Best Contact Lens on the Market?

Soft contact lenses have come a long way since their introduction in the US in 1971, and the release of disposable dailies in 1996. Today, there... read more

02.08.2013 • By GetLenses.co.uk

Multifocal Contact Lenses – Set To Transform The Lives Of The Over 45's

With 60 being the new 40 and 80 being the new 50, many are striving to look and feel younger and it’s not just crow’s feet and wrinkles that... read more

22.05.2013 • By GetLenses.co.uk

VAPESTICK Claims Electronic Cigarette Is Not a Quit Smoking Device

The co-founder of VAPESTICK, one of the UK’s leading and most widely distributed brands of electronic cigarettes, has spoken out about the often... read more

07.03.2013 • By VAPESTICK

An apple a day wont keep the hay fever away...

Allergy UK reveals how having five a day can cause havoc for hay fever sufferers If pollen wasnt making the nation miserable enough, Allergy... read more

23.04.2012 • By Allergy UK

You Have It? HealthExpress Treat It!

Online clinic HealthExpress is working with Media Agency Group in order to increase brand awareness, with a multi-format initiative designed earn... read more

15.10.2013 • By Media Agency Group

The Harley Medical Group Reveals Top Treatments Favoured By Those Preparing For Fashion Week

Non-invasive maintenance for last minute fixes The Harley Medical Group will be in the front rows of London's Fashion Week, for 13-17... read more

13.09.2013 • By Rocket Pop PR

Flu diagnosis set to be revolutionised by Enigma ML system

Enigma Diagnostics Ltd, the spin-out company of Ploughshare Innovations, has successfully completed its analytical and diagnostic verification of... read more

08.08.2013 • By Ploughshare Innovations Ltd

Mandatory Training Updates More Important Following National Bereavement Survey 

After a national bereavement survey criticises the level of medical care from staff, mandatory training courses from agencies like Global Health... read more

05.08.2013 • By Global Health Professionals

Majority of Lens Wearers Unaware of UV Blocking Contact Lenses

We often think about wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun’s glare, but as a contact lens wearer do you know if your contact lenses... read more

02.08.2013 • By GetLenses.co.uk

RLSB response to 'Big leap' towards curing blindness in stem cell study story

Britain has always had proud record as a world leader in research into preservation of sight. The news today is another major step long that... read more

22.07.2013 • By The Royal London Society for Blind People

Rosetta heads into third quarter with customer 8000

Rosetta Translation celebrates the addition of client 8000 to their books signalling a promising third quarter. The London-based translation... read more

03.07.2013 • By Rosetta Translation Limited

Guerilla Communications

When it comes to choosing an integrated marketing communications agency for your next campaign, finding the right agency that will be able to... read more

12.03.2013 • By Guerilla Communications

HCL social workers prepare for move Down Under

HCL Permanent held a ‘meet and greet’ event recently for their first group of successful candidates relocating to Australia later this year as part... read more

08.08.2012 • By HCL

Lobbying for Life - Behind the Global Ban on Asbestos

As part of a growing number of global organisations who are Lobbying for Life on a total ban on the use of asbestos, the National Asbestos... read more

21.08.2012 • By National Asbestos

European Initiative to provide Innovative Technologies to revolutionise many European High Technology Industries

Lyon, France – 19 December 2012. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and many others have said that the key to... read more

19.12.2012 • By Nigel Robson

New Support for Tinnitus Sufferers in Southampton

A new group to support local people with tinnitus is being formed in Southampton. Tinnitus affects one in ten adults in the UK, and there are an... read more

20.12.2017 • By Tinnitus UK

New Support for Tinnitus Sufferers in Nottingham

A new group to support local people with tinnitus is being formed in Nottingham. Tinnitus affects one in ten adults in the UK, and there are an... read more

20.12.2017 • By Tinnitus UK

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