86% Want UK Employers To Provide COVID-19 Testing

How Can They Do This? -  COVID-19 Rapid Tests for £24 in the UK  In-workplace testing provides a greater level of comfort to employees.... read more

03.06.2020 • By AntibodyChecks

Mum's super Sahara trek in support of The Sick Children's Trust

A Shropshire mum is taking on an excruciating trek across the Sahara desert to raise vital funds for The Sick Children’s Trust, the charity that... read more

03.06.2020 • By The Sick Children's Trust

Nystagmus Awareness Day – 20 June 2020

It’s national and international Nystagmus Awareness Day on Saturday 20 June 2020. We may all be staying at home this year, but we can still mark... read more

02.06.2020 • By Nystagmus Network

New challenge set to promote health and wellbeing whilst encouraging children to learn about their rights

A new Children’s Health Challenge which encourages P5-P7 children to learn more about their health and wellbeing and their healthcare rights is... read more

29.05.2020 • By Children's Health Scotland

Graham Snudden Joins the Veritas Intercontinental Board of Directors

Snudden was a co-founder of BlueGnome Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge, whose 24sure technology became the standard in... read more


TimiHealth Advancing Blockchain Technology in Healthcare with TimiCare: The Virtual Health Platform

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual healthcare solutions had yet to see mainstream adoption in healthcare. This was certainly attributed to... read more

27.05.2020 • By Timihealth Group Inc

Online dermatology service Dermatica offers free consultations and treatments for NHS staff and anyone with a skin concern

Dermatica is an online dermatology service, a team of expert dermatologists, pharmacists and formulation scientists providing clinically proven... read more

27.05.2020 • By Dermatica


SaferTrader - www.safertrader.co.uk SaferTrader are rolling out a great new scheme to help tradespeople get back to work safely – and help... read more

27.05.2020 • By Safer Trader Limited


A Norfolk woman who was always able to stay by her sister’s side during her surgery to remove a tumour is sharing their story to help raise... read more

26.05.2020 • By The Sick Children's Trust

The Timi Marketplace is Now Live - Enabling Health and Genomics Data Ownership Rewards

TimiHealth is leading the way towards consumer monetization of genomics and health data with a 70/30 split with the owners of the data. In... read more

25.05.2020 • By Timihealth Group Inc

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity to receive one-off Government funding in response to COVID-19

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) welcome today’s announcement from the Department of Health and Social Care that Air Ambulances UK are... read more

22.05.2020 • By Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Haag-Streit Academy launch FREE LENSTAR biometry e-learning course

Harlow, UK – 22nd May 2020 - Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic and optometry... read more

22.05.2020 • By Haag-Streit UK

Leaders in Sexual Health & Wellbeing Supplements for Women

Bombyx Pure Alchemy for Women Bombyx is an extraordinary SUPPLEMENT that SUPPORTS A HEALTHY LIBIDO KEEPING THE BODY YOUNG AND ACTIVE.... read more

22.05.2020 • By Lewtress Natural Health Ltd

Dr Altintas say good-bye to dark circles under your eyes!

Dark circles under your eyes, also called tear trough deformity, are really a thing of the past. Thanks to modern techniques of aesthetic... read more

21.05.2020 • By Mc Aesthetics

Haag-Streit Diagnostics develops FREE downloadable breath shield template for the LENSTAR biometer

Harlow, UK – 20 th May 2020 - Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic and optometry... read more

21.05.2020 • By Haag-Streit UK

Charities fund new clinical trial to help children with cancer

Solving Kids’ Cancer, with Neuroblastoma UK, has awarded a grant to enable the SIOPEN High-Risk Neuroblastoma Clinical Trial 2 (HR-NBL2) to open... read more

20.05.2020 • By Neuroblastoma UK

Haag-Streit releases updated cleaning and disinfection procedures for Octopus perimeters

Harlow, UK – 20th May 2020 - Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic and optometry... read more

20.05.2020 • By Haag-Streit UK

Organ donation law change to come into effect in England on 20 May

From 20 May 2020, the new law will be implemented in England and organ donation will move to a system of deemed consent (or ‘opt out’), known... read more

19.05.2020 • By National Kidney Federation

Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse takes steps for better heart health in Sussex

Sunday the 17th May would have been the 28th annual sponsored walk for The Sussex Heart Charity. The walk not only raises money for a valuable... read more

19.05.2020 • By The Sussex Heart Charity

Just Add Water: Oxitec’s New Friendly Mosquito Mini-Capsule Technology Rapidly Suppresses 95% of Disease-Spreading Aedes aegypti in Brazil Trial

Successful 13-week field trial demonstrated effectiveness and safety of Oxitec’s new just-add-water Friendly™ mini-capsule mosquito product in... read more

19.05.2020 • By Oxitec

Mention Me launches new customer retention product as online shopping soars

Referral marketing and customer retention technology business Mention Me, has accelerated the launch of its new product, Mention Me Retain , to... read more

19.05.2020 • By Mention Me

The impact of Coronavirus on the Rural Economy

Rural Policy Group, a visionary policy think tank for the future of rural business in the UK, is hosting a series of panel-led virtual debates on... read more

15.05.2020 • By Adams Creative Group Limited

CLNQ, a Cheshire-based private clinic, launch a highly reliable Covid-19 Antibody test

The private clinic, CLNQ has launched a Coronavirus antibody test that has been reported to be 99% accurate. The antibody blood test which is... read more

14.05.2020 • By CLNQ

Sarah Gunn fundraises for Dad, John, who died from Covid-19, to help National Kidney Federation

Sarah Gunn sadly lost her father, John, 74, from Barwell, Leicestershire to COVID-19. He had end stage kidney failure and had dialysis three times... read more

14.05.2020 • By National Kidney Federation

Recovery and mental survival as children prepare for phased return to school

Children’s mental health charity Kids Inspire is preparing for an increase in demand as the ‘new normal’ phased return to school is proposed... read more

13.05.2020 • By Kids Inspire

World Barrett's Day

There is a condition which, according to Mayo Clinic in USA, probably affects 1 person in 20, or up to 3 million people in Britain but fewer than... read more

13.05.2020 • By Barrett's Wessex

John Weiss launches dedicated COVID-19 web page

Harlow, UK – 12th May 2020 - John Weiss & Son , the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic micro-surgical instruments... read more

12.05.2020 • By John Weiss & Son

Brit stranded in Africa launches Corona app with local youth

27-year-old Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford is stuck in Cotonou, Benin and has decided to work with local people to combat COVID-19 Adam... read more

12.05.2020 • By Adam Bradford Associates

Leaders in Sexual Health & Virility Supplements for Men

Lewtress Natural Health Alchemy leaders in the sexual health of men with their Bombyx Range of Virility supplements #Don’t let... read more

12.05.2020 • By Lewtress Natural Health Ltd

Uber refuses to pick up blind businessman with guide dog on more than 100 occasions

Uber is being prosecuted under disability discrimination legislation following ongoing pick up refusals for blind social entrepreneur Dan... read more

11.05.2020 • By Visualise Training & Consultancy

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