MineGeld announces a new partnership! Meet Swiss Digital Assets and their advanced services

To ensure a perfect user experience, MineGeld continues to expand its range of services. This time, it has partnered with Swiss Digital Assets ,... read more

16.02.2021 • By MineGeld

London Based Fusion Consulting Group Enters The Financial Services Sector

Fusion Consulting Group , a multi-disciplinary consulting practice is pleased to announce its entrance into the Financial Services Sector.... read more

15.02.2021 • By Fusion Consulting Ltd

Huobi DeFiLabs Weighs DEXs against CEXs

LONDON, Feb 8, 2021, Huobi DeFiLabs, one of the leading DeFi research, investment and ecosystem building platform has recently released a... read more

08.02.2021 • By Huobi Group

Has Deep F***ing Value Aligned With TPP?

Rumour circulating around the market, is that the man known as Deep F***ing Value (real name Keith Gill) has joined forces with The Portfolio... read more

02.02.2021 • By EF News


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the grey and amoral world of today’s Big Tech Billionaire Class? Conceived in... read more

29.01.2021 • By Newbie Games

MineGeld collaborates with BC Vault to provide unbeatable asset security

The MineGeld crypto banking platform has recently announced a partnership with BC Vault , manufacturer of the world’s safest hardware crypto... read more

28.01.2021 • By MineGeld

Luxury Brighton Apartment For Sale With Bitcoin

Brand Vaughan are thrilled to announce their first property listing in Brighton, East Sussex to be accepting Bitcoin or Ethereum... read more

28.01.2021 • By Brand Vaughan

Digipharm announce joint cooperation with Government of Pakistan’s Social Healthcare Fund utilising blockchain-based platforms

Digipharm have recently announced its joint cooperation with the Government of Pakistan for the digitalisation of processes related to healthcare... read more

27.01.2021 • By Digipharm

Digipharm announce joint cooperation with Government of Pakistan’s Social Healthcare Fund utilising blockchain-based platforms

Digipharm have recently announced its joint cooperation with the Government of Pakistan for the digitalisation of processes related to healthcare... read more

27.01.2021 • By Digipharm

Win a Stunning Lakeside Home in Northern Italy!

Offered direct from the developer, this unique property could be yours for a ticket costing only £2.50! For many, owning a home like this is... read more

26.01.2021 • By Prize Villas

Huobi Appoints Regional GM for Russia, Turkey and Ukraine

LONDON, January 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ In a recent appointment aimed at strengthening positions in Russia, Turkey and Ukraine, Huobi Global... read more

26.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

Huobi Futures Registers 2020 Trading Volume of $2.3 Trillion

The crypto derivatives market grows rapidly in 2020 with its annual trading volume reaching $12,314billion, an increase of 402% from 2019.... read more

21.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

MineGeld Announces Partnership With Brainy Solutions and Z-Union for AI Integration

With a large array of MineGeld services being powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the project is looking to enter into partnerships with... read more

20.01.2021 • By MineGeld

Huobi Charity Receives Formal Status as a Registered Charity in Gibraltar

LONDON, UK — JANUARY 19, 2021 — Huobi Charity Limited (“Huobi Charity”), a philanthropic arm and blockchain-based charity platform of Huobi... read more

19.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

MineGeld discloses the details of its corporate structure

MineGeld’s project founders have recently revealed details about the project’s corporate structure. It will be registered through an RTO (reverse... read more

13.01.2021 • By MineGeld

How Bitcoin Futures Trading Platforms Adjust Their Instruments Amidst Bullish Market: Case of Huobi

TEXT: In 2020, crypto derivatives trading replaced spot trading as the most popular digital assets exchange segment. To meet the... read more

13.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

Huobi Now Supports RUB Deposits and Withdrawals, Announces Crypto Purchase Campaign

LONDON, UK — JANUARY 12, 2021 — the global crypto exchange leader, Huobi has announced support for Russian ruble (RUB) allowing users to deposit... read more

12.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

Forensic Access acquires IntaForensics to strengthen their position as a leading forensic services organisation

Forensic Access is a leading provider of a broad range forensic science services to the criminal justice system and the acquisition of digital... read more

10.01.2021 • By Forensic Access

Huobi Futures Launches Daily Settlement and New Take-profit/Stop-loss Function

The daily settlement function and upgraded take-profit and stop-loss functions enable all traders reap rewards and control risk in advance... read more

09.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

COVID Stimulus Checks are Making Big Gains on the Blockchain

https://tldrtaylor.medium.com/covid-stimulus-checks-are-making-big-gains-on-the-blockchain-de490bc99d73 read more

07.01.2021 • By Hex

Chainlink Will Soon Be Launched on Heco, Becoming the 1st Recommended Oracle Solution

We are pleased to announce that Chainlink will be natively integrated into Huobi ECO-Chain (Heco) as the recommended oracle solution for all... read more

04.01.2021 • By Huobi Group

Huobi Sponsors DoraHacks’ ‘Substrate’ Hackathon with $10,000 Prize from its Polkadot Ecosystem Fund

LONDON, UK — DECEMBER 30, 2020 — Huobi Innovation Labs recently sponsored the ‘Substrate’ Hackathon in Hangzhou with a dedicated prize equivalent... read more

30.12.2020 • By Huobi Group

“We give users freedom.” MineGeld creators share their insights into the project philosophy

The release of the MineGeld project is getting closer. It is bound to cause a stir among DeFi and blockchain communities. Meanwhile, its... read more

30.12.2020 • By MineGeld

Meet the men who are changing how the world invests: Ed Davies and Lane Clark of The Portfolio Platform

The year 2020 will be remembered for many reasons, very few of them good. Coronavirus struck early in the year; the markets started to crash,... read more

28.12.2020 • By EF News

Huobi Tech Overall Gross Margin Increased Substantially

Huobi Tech Overall Gross Margin Increased Substantially The Proportion of Blockchain Technology Business Revenue Continuously Grew... read more

18.12.2020 • By Huobi Group

What if we merged blockchain and fiat private banking? Meet MineGeld - the new industry standard-setter

While conventional financial institutions attempt to enter the crypto economy, Platinum Software Development Company and Unirock Partners have... read more

18.12.2020 • By MineGeld

Huobi Futures Announces APP Service of Cross Margin Mode for Its USDT-Margined Swaps

Huobi Futures launched App Service of Cross Margin ed  Huobi gives away 50,000 USDT to raise awareness of Cross Margined... read more

17.12.2020 • By Huobi Group

Cross Margin Trading Shows a Lot of Potential, But Why Can It Gain More Popularity?

Recently, Huobi Futures released data that showed it had reached over $2.6 trillion cumulative trading volume since its launch two years ago... read more

17.12.2020 • By Huobi Group


Typerium, a UK based blockchain start-up that aims to revolutionise the lives of creators, has successfully launched the first version of its APP... read more

16.12.2020 • By Typerium Limited

Huobi Futures Revealed Over 2.6 Trillion Cumulative Trading Volumes since on Its Two Year Anniversary

Huobi Futures was officially launched on December 10, 2018 and has become one of the leading one-stop derivatives service platforms in the world.... read more

11.12.2020 • By Huobi Group

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