Send your press releases through the Thomson Reuters distribution network

Update! This service is now being advertised as NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions

Thomson Reuters is one of the largest news agencies in the United Kingdom providing thousands of cutting edge news stories to a wide range of publications.

Pressat has formed a partnership with Thomson Reuters allowing us to directly access the Inpublic platform and distribute client news stories through the TR news terminals. This allows for a a cost effective outreach to major international, regional and local websites, professional information systems and databases, press agencies and news services.

For an additional fee Pressat can send your press releases through Thomson Reuters.

Customers wishing to purchase this additional distribution can select the packages when submitting a press release through the normal procedures. Please click below for package specific features.

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Thomson Reuters International Media Wire
Thomson Reuters Europe Financial Circuit
US Entertainment Circuit
US General Circuit
European Lifestyle Media
International Financial Wire for UK Companies
European Financial Media
Asia Financial