Distribute your press releases through the UK's most trusted news agency
- The Press Association

Founded in 1868, the Press Association distributes tens of thousands of press releases and pictures to every major media outlet in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

For over 140 years the Press Association has delivered 120,000 words of news, images and information, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, setting the news agenda in both UK and Ireland media outlets.

Through our unique partnership, Pressat has direct access to the PA Mediapoint service. This enables us to send your press release directly to the closed circuit Press Association news terminals reaching over 200 media outlets such as the BBC, The Guardian, Sky & broadcast media, Metro and many more.

As part of this service a Pressat editor will format your press release to the correct Press Association terminal standard and reliably upload your release directly to the PA Mediapoint terminal.

Benefits of PA distribution:

  • Your press release added to Press Association's trusted newswire
  • Delivered into the newsrooms of every major national, local and regional newspaper (offline/online), radio and TV station across the UK and Ireland
  • Accessible by the journalists, editors, reporters and businesses who access the Press Association news wire online
  • The Press Association is the UK's leading news agency
  • Cost effective pricing

How do I submit a press release to the Press Association?

When submitting your press release through our self-publishing submission form you can include the Press Association add-on on Step 3.