Major iPhone bug lets you snoop on iPhone users

News provided by Jenny Bond on Tuesday 29th Jan 2019

A major bug has been discovered in the Apple iPhone FaceTime app which allows anyone to listen into the person their calling even if don’t actually accept the incoming call.

The original bug was reported by Twitter user Benji Mobb which was then covered by Mac news website 9to5Mac.

The bug works when you place a video call to another person from the FaceTime app but then add a 3rd party to the call before the recipient pickups up the call, the original caller is then able to listen in even though they haven't actually answered the call.

The bug was also verified and tested by two other publications the Verge and CNBC who successfully exploited the scenario first outlined by Benji Mobb.

This bug only appears to to rely on the fairly new FaceTime Group Call feature.

The bug is a major privacy problem for iPhone users with the ability to listen into and record conversations it poses a risk to governments, security services, police but the possibilities are endless.

Apple said an update is currently being worked on and will be pushed to users later this week, stating to CNBC:

"We're aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,".

There's one quick way to make sure you are not vulnerable to the bug and that's turn off the feature ASAP.

It’s not yet clear how long the bug has been in the public domain for and if it's been exploited by rogue intelligence agencies, often bugs such as this open many other hole in the software to gain access to the users smartphone.

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Major iPhone bug lets you snoop on iPhone users

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