What if we merged blockchain and fiat private banking? Meet MineGeld - the new industry standard-setter

While conventional financial institutions attempt to enter the crypto economy, Platinum Software Development Company and Unirock Partners have ambitious plans to conquer both territories. Meet MineGeld, a powerful bridge between the two worlds - the traditional fiat economy and the blockchain & DeFi market. This community-driven project erases limits and allows ordinary users to access private banking services, previously only available to the select few.

Partnership across borders

Unirock Partners specializes in investments in software engineering companies and the development of life-changing technologies. Together with the Platinum team, they have performed a thorough technological analysis to design a revolutionary DeFi platform that provides a full suite of private banking services.

The MineGeld platform is powered by AI and advanced blockchain technologies that comprehensively cover all customers’ financial needs, uniting the most popular conventional investable asset classes with the crypto economy. This exclusive combination of banking services will be available to everyone, which will further boost the adoption of digital finance solutions.

This revolutionary platform and all the funds stored within it will belong to the community, not to the founders. The team’s main goal is to facilitate technological development while users enjoy unlimited access to and management of their funds. MineGeld democratizes private banking, enabling the community to govern it and vote for policy changes.

MineGeld: AI-powered bridge between the old financial system and the young tech-driven crypto economy

MineGeld is designed to be an advanced DeFi platform that offers comprehensive blockchain and AI-powered business solutions (loans, deposits, NFT’s, credit cards, exchange, liquidity pools, etc.), investment tools and financial products that are available to everyone! MineGeld is designed to have a 100% community-driven governance model where users will be able to cast votes and decide on its future.

MineGeld will serve as an alternative to traditional financial services and fiat-only “neobanks“, while supporting major cryptocurrencies, DeFi coins and fiat money. This community-driven platform will feature a unique system of rewards and introduce AI-driven gamification, coupled with social networking ‘go drive’ that will contribute to engagement and generate an outstanding user experience.

The AI-powered banking platform features:

  • Advanced lending technologies backed by crypto assets
  • Analytical instruments (charts, price notifications, etc.)
  • A single brokerage interface for crypto and fiat
  • A social network and reward system powered by AI
  • Real-time transactions, information, decision-making and compliance monitoring
  • Meta-scoring - a data processing tool set that enables users to make informed decisions
  • Full transparency of transactions and business processes

The new financial products will constitute a unique synthesis of Unirock Partners’ and Platinum’s expertise, so they are bound to succeed. Development will be driven by the enormous experience and deep knowledge of both these industry leaders.

“Our teams believe that by combining our Decentralized Finance (DeFi), community-driven governance, investment and software development experience, we will establish a truly efficient financial system that changes customers’ lives for the better” - noted Bogdan Khomenko, Platinum’s co-founder.

About Platinum

Platinum Software Development Company focuses on IT and software engineering. Upon establishing themselves, they began specializing in advisory services for crypto startups and businesses in need of automation and blockchain solutions. Offering products for both corporate and individual clients, the company provides efficient crypto-asset management.

“Over the years, we’ve strived to exceed users’ expectations by offering innovative and profitable blockchain-based solutions. We want to introduce financial products that will be more applicable in real life and make them available for the average banking service user, not just crypto fans. This is where Unirock Partners’ support is proving to be indispensable” - said Anton Dziatkovskiy, CEO of Platinum.

About Unirock Partners

Unirock Partners is a Singaporean-Australian investment corporation that supports the development of advanced software products and sponsors leading engineering teams. It was established in 2018 by Pavel Entin, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in investment banking and the PE/VC industry.

Unirock Partners invests in the most talented and committed teams - the ones that can change the world for the better. Their partners receive all-out support: funding, advisory services and access to a wide network of contacts.

“The modern economic system is far from perfect but its future is in our hands. The Unirock Partners team has ambitious plans and dedicates all its knowledge and energy to making this world better. MineGeld will be a real game-changer that provides up-market finance management services for literally everyone. Its value goes beyond mere financial management - it provides an unprecedented level of freedom to choose from the various advanced banking products to boost investment returns while maintaining palatable levels of risk. What do I appreciate about this project? its transparency, strong governance and security. We don’t just offer services - we give users the opportunity to make sound decisions and build their financial futures” - stated Pavel Entin.

Bottom Line

MineGeld developers are working assiduously on the upcoming platform release. Users will enjoy an extensive line of comprehensive financial solutions that will allow them to reap the maximum benefits from their fiat and crypto assets while enjoying an unbeatable financial management experience and being part of a community-driven governance model.

Explore the myriad private banking services on MineGeld.com and learn more about the platform on Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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What if we merged blockchain and fiat private banking? Meet MineGeld - the new industry standard-setter