MineGeld Announces Partnership With Brainy Solutions and Z-Union for AI Integration

With a large array of MineGeld services being powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the project is looking to enter into partnerships with Brainy Solutions and Z-Union, two experienced AI engineering companies backed by Unirock Partners.

MineGeld - synonymous with high-tech banking

While crypto deposits and DeFi pools are gaining traction, the community is anticipating the release of MineGeld, a FinTech platform that’s designed to unite conventional banking with DeFi and blockchain-based services. The project aims to erase the limitations of fiat and cryptocurrency payments and offer a comprehensive array of products and solutions based on Artificial Intelligence. For example, the list of MineGeld’s services may include:

  • Real-time charts, price notifications
  • A user bonus & reward system
  • A social network
  • Robo Advisory and trading strategies powered by AI
  • Predictive analytics
  • Automated customer support and virtual financial assistant
  • Augmented research tools
  • Meta-scoring

Meta-scoring is of the utmost importance due to a significant amount of information that needs to be processed in order to make informed investment decisions. The meta-scoring model that is being developed by the MineGeld team and its partners utilizes the advanced capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), including data mining, analytical processing, querying, reporting and maps generation. Instead of using expensive traditional consulting services, clients will automate their workflow by accessing real-time data analysis, reliable analytics and assessment reports.

To provide the community with cutting-edge AI-based services, MineGeld is setting up partnerships with Brainy Solutions and Z-Union. Both companies are backed by Unirock Partners and are striving to develop advanced AI-driven solutions.

About Brainy Solutions

Brainy Solutions is an Australian-based, AI systems integrator. Its team of AI developers creates groundbreaking solutions for AI systems implementation, tech product distribution and talent outsourcing.

The company’s approach is:

  • A modular approach for maximum efficiency and scalability
  • Partnerships with the world’s top AI ventures for commercialization of technological developments
  • Creation, customization, integration and support of new AI business applications

This approach by Brainy Solutions’ developers is based on digital transformation and disruptive technologies that allow their customers to outperform their rivals, providing users with world-class services.

About Z-Union

Z-Union is a Russian-based AI and IT solutions development center. Its team comprises experienced AI and IT developers who have a significant track record and exemplary portfolios. Z-Union’s priority directions include:

  • Scientific research
  • Custom development (Web, App, Soft)
  • Theory of inventive problem solving (TIPS)
  • Marketing research
  • Prototyping & Design
  • Big Data
  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks

Z-Union will help MineGeld enlarge its tech stack by powering its data processing facilities with AI and offering research services.

Bottom Line

Partnering with Brainy Solutions and Z-Union opens the door to opportunities for further automation of MineGeld’s services and faultless data processing. Implementation of AI-based technologies is a huge step towards flawless and efficient asset management. MineGeld will enable users to make informed investment decisions by offering thoroughly analyzed and structured Big Data.

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