MineGeld announces a new partnership! Meet Swiss Digital Assets and their advanced services

To ensure a perfect user experience, MineGeld continues to expand its range of services. This time, it has partnered with Swiss Digital Assets, a company that provides a full range of asset storage services and highly secure data centers in Switzerland - all protected by Swiss law.

Crypto storage can’t be any safer

While MineGeld is implementing its ambitious plans to merge conventional banking with blockchain, the growing range of services calls for out-of-the-box security measures. After recently announcing its partnership with BC Vault, MineGeld began a collaboration with Swiss Digital Assets - a developer of unique storage solutions.

It’s no secret that Switzerland has the most tolerant and beneficial legal system for crypto enthusiasts and traders. Swiss Digital Assets unites this advantage with its Secure Infrastructure Solutions (SIS). Their list of FinTech services is quite large and includes:

  • Cloud banking solutions
  • Crypto asset custody
  • Compliance technologies
  • Storage of private keys in the ANETSIS PoPs network
  • WISeKey & Tech Open Network © blockchain for data exchange

To top it off, Swiss Digital Assets enables its customers to store their private keys in trust vaults and to set up a multiple-step authorization procedure. Asset management has never been so secure!

Hence, MineGeld users will be able to enjoy the reliable cold and hot storage, boost asset security and prevent any unauthorized access. No legal issues, no threats!

“While DeFi, crypto and AI technologies are gaining traction, users enjoy the opportunity to make unlimited profits. Yet, it goes hand-in-hand with security concerns. MineGeld’s safety measures go well beyond cryptography, thanks to their partnership with Swiss Digital Assets.

From now on, our users will enjoy the most secure crypto storage solutions. This collaboration and further research will help us find all the missing pieces of the safety puzzle” - states the MineGeld team.

About Swiss Digital Assets

The Swiss Digital Assets platform enables regulated financial services institutes to provide their customers with full access to Crypto Asset Class which covers cryptocurrencies and fiat assets. Being in business since 2017, it has all the necessary certificates and accreditations to implement custodial services and digital asset security services.

Crypto traders and companies from all over the world prefer storing their assets in Swiss Digital Asset’s data centers for the following reasons:

  • Assets are protected by Swiss law
  • It enables cloud banking
  • Distributed ledger and blockchain technologies make crypto storage unbreachable
  • Clients’ private keys are stored in the proprietary data center which has a top-notch security grade
  • WISeKey Digital Identity technologies absolutely eliminate the risk of unauthorized access.

Their disruptive technologies allow for flawless asset management and lasting security.

About MineGeld

The MineGeld DeFi platform is designed to offer personal, conventional banking services powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. It aims to provide a wide range of management services such as crypto deposits and borrowing, NFTs, real-time statistics and financial tools. The platform supports both fiat and cryptocurrencies, making asset management services available to users from all around the world.

Bottom Line

Managing fiat and cryptocurrency is not just about selling and buying at the right moment - all earnings should be safe and sound. MineGeld mitigates security concerns by collaborating with Swiss Digital Assets. Together, they will implement the latest asset storage practices and provide customers with a comprehensive set of security services.

Explore the myriad private banking services on MineGeld.com and learn more about the platform on Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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MineGeld announces a new partnership! Meet Swiss Digital Assets and their advanced services