MineGeld collaborates with BC Vault to provide unbeatable asset security

The MineGeld crypto banking platform has recently announced a partnership with BC Vault, manufacturer of the world’s safest hardware crypto wallets. This collaboration promises to ensure unbreakable security for users’ deposits and assets.

Making security a top priority

Aiming to be a one-of-a-kind platform that unites fiat and cryptocurrency services, MineGeld is devising innovative private banking solutions which it plans to make available for everyone. However, widespread adoption of such services means that security should be our top priority. That’s why the MineGeld team is aiming to come up with something special to overcome this issue.

Personal banking calls for advanced protection measures - the level of security should correspond with the type of services provided. For this reason, MineGeld is collaborating with BC Vault, the company that creates the world’s safest hardware wallets.

Together, they will focus on the development of advanced crypto storage solutions and most likely MineGeld users will be encouraged to try the BC Vault device. It would give them enormous advantages in terms of security:

  • Fast and flawless access to crypto funds
  • Zero risks of hacking
  • Safe storage of private and public keys
  • The possibility to retrieve funds in case of key loss
  • Secure connection with all major online and desktop crypto wallets
  • Crypto exchange in the security of a cold wallet

“BC VAULT is designed to be the most comprehensive and powerful crypto vault in the world – a premium solution for crypto holders that uses the best components available in the market. Our planned cooperation with MineGeld will create a new competitive advantage in the market.”

– Dima Fedotov, COO of BC VAULT

About BC Vault

BC Vault is a hardware cold wallet that features uncompromising security and crypto swap functions. It boasts the highest level of security, thanks to the encryption of private keys and data storage on Ferroelectric RAM, the cutting-edge storage device with over 200 years of retention against magnetic fields.

Each and every BC Vault is shipped pre-loaded with 1.0 BTC. If you break the encryption on it, it's yours! The device has a U2F functionality and built-in encrypted Micro SD card backup. To top it off, users enjoy the following benefits:

  • Encryption, export and erasing of private and public keys
  • Support for up to 2,000 concurrent wallets
  • Browser support
  • Back up on SD Card or Paper QR
  • Two-factor authentication

BC Vault unites all advanced security practices in a single device. MineGeld users will benefit from these solutions too.

About MineGeld

MineGeld is a DeFi platform that merges personal conventional banking services, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain. It will endeavor to provide the full scope of financial management services, such as crypto deposits and borrowing, NFTs, real-time statistics and financial tools. By supporting both fiat and cryptocurrencies, MineGeld aims to make private banking available to users from all over the world.

Bottom Line

Efficient financial management is impossible without thorough risk assessment and security measures. While MineGeld gives users tools to control assets, BC Vault will back them up. By sharing experience and knowledge with the MineGeld team, it will help the company leverage the latest security practices, making users’ assets invincible.

Explore the myriad private banking services on MineGeld.com and learn more about the platform on Social Media: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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MineGeld collaborates with BC Vault to provide unbeatable asset security