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Sales and marketing firm and avid small business supporters Strategic Five Marketing have reviewed recent government claims that start up creation in the UK has hit a record high, and share why they believe entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone.

Recent figures from the office of national statistics have revealed that start up creation in the UK has reached a record high, suggesting that the UK has entered a new age of entrepreneurship. The research highlighted that, in 2014 351,000 new businesses were created which is the highest number since records began. The figures also showed that the total number of active businesses in the UK currently stands at 2.6 million, a rise of 4 percent on the previous year.

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Sales and marketing experts Strategic Five Marketing believe that these new figures highlight a shift in how people view entrepreneurship. What was once the reserve of business graduates and those with a healthy bank balance, is now accessible to everyone. Celebrity entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson have helped to inspire a new wave of innovation, regardless of background and experience. But whilst bank lending may still be a contentious issue the wide array of alternative funding options is helping more and more people get their business ideas off the ground.

Strategic Five Marketing are thrilled to see entrepreneurship sweeping the nation and believe that this growing start up revolution is set to have a hugely positive impact on the economy. With each new business comes new job opportunities, many of which can offer young people a rare chance to experience start up culture and get involved in a wide variety of business processes. New businesses are also helping to bring back vibrancy to the UKs highstreets and local communities which were hit hard during the recession in 2008. With new businesses popping up all over the place, representing a huge range of industries Strategic Five Marketing are confident that over the next few years even more people will be inspired to start their own ventures, safe in the knowledge that the right support and resources are out there to help them achieve their dreams.

Strategic Five Marketing is a Newcastle based sales and event marketing firm. On behalf of their clients the firm create engaging campaigns which they deliver to consumers face to face in order to gain a deeper understanding of consumer need and provide a memorable and personalised experience. This approach allows the firm to significantly boost their clients brand loyalty, raise greater market awareness and generate a higher quantity of quality sales.

With an ever increasing outcry for more personalised marketing solutions, the sales and event marketing firm has been growing rapidly over the years. As such, Strategic Five Marketing has made it their mission to offer support to young industry professionals interested in launching their own ventures. The firm offers a range of optional workshops and events designed to provide insights into business management and leadership with the aim of providing support and skills building to those looking to pursue entrepreneurship in the future.

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