Strategic Five Marketing reveal how sales and marketing entrepreneurs can accomplish true freedom

With a recent report estimating that half of the UK's entrepreneurs rely on the bank of mum and dad to support their business ventures, Strategic Five Marketing reveal how sales and marketing entrepreneurs can achieve financial freedom.

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According to research by the IoD (Institute of Directors), a lack of financing options and a general skills shortage is posing a significant threat to the prosperity of the UK's startup scene. 53 per cent of the entrepreneurs surveyed admitted that money from family members had been instrumental in the early stages of their business development (The Independent, 2015).

Strategic Five Marketing are slightly concerned with this statistic, especially considering that 40 per cent also claimed that the difficulty in securing financing had prevented their company from growing, and Jimmy McCloughlin, Deputy Head of Policy at the IoD, states that 42 per cent of entrepreneurs said they even encounter trouble hiring people with the right skills:

β€œIt is a worry that so many start-ups struggle to hire skilled employees. Finding people with the right skills, and tapping into the right mix of finance will be the biggest factors in achieving scale-up success. For start-ups, overcoming these obstacles can be the difference between success and failure," (The Independent, 2015).

Strategic Five Marketing believe that this is a huge concern for entrepreneurship throughout the UK, but believe that the recession-proof, sales-driven strategies of sales and marketing entrepreneurs can provide a protective buffer against the economic climate. When fully committed – it is possible to gain huge financial rewards, which can then be invested into launching their own business ventures.

The firm argues that they provide a good support structure for young entrepreneurs in the UK by offering them a unique business opportunity through their business development program, where budding entrepreneurs can gain expert insights and build up their portfolio of knowledge and skills.

Strategic Five also believe that forging strong relationships with leads and clients is another method of achieving financial freedom - especially when the industry is considerably risk free for the client, and field marketing remains an attractive endeavour that withstands tough economic downturns.

Strategic Five Marketing is a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions, based in Newcastle. By working closely with all their clients the firm are able to create and implement engaging, thought-provoking campaigns, which fully embody their clients' brand identities. Through face-to-face interactions the firm drive brand loyalty, increases in overall sales and secures a greater market presence.


(The Independent, 2015)


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