Multicultural UK DAY To Make Britain Great

Multicultural UK DAY To Make Britain Great!

Since the Murder of Mr George Floyd, on the 25th May, there has been a global outrage towards this racist act. The Black Lives Matter protest has been largely peaceful, whilst protesting against Racism. The protesters, in US & UK are largely White, alongside many Black and Brown, who’re fighting for equality regardless of the higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

The chosen date for ‘Multicultural UK DAY’, would be the 22 June 2021, as this was the day, The Empire Windrush ship arrived in 1948 at Tilbury Docks, after the Second World War. Those migrates from the Caribbean, heralded the beginning of our present, “Multicultural” society, with South Asian communities arriving thereafter. The recent ‘WindRush Scandal’ is blight on how ‘Commonwealth Migrates’, who fought in large numbers, in both those World Wars, had been treated. We have solicited support, for this from all 650 MP’s, and Councillors, with many lending their support.

EMMA has been in the forefront to promote equality on national TV even tackling racism through campaigns. We honoured many icons like Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, and Ray Charles to name, a few. This was our humble attempt, to tackle “institutional racism”, as the media industry, never understood proper Multiculturalism, just tokenism

Bobby A Syed, EMMA Founder stated, “I grew up in Peckham, and very much aware of the Racism we were subjected to, hence was glad to set up EMMA Awards in 1997. It recognised the ‘Windrush Documentary’ in 1999, and was the first to acknowledge the Lawrence’s for their struggle, over ‘Steven Lawrence’s’ racist murder that exposed institutional racism”

As there is a universal acceptance, towards the general out-cry by ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, formed in 2013 to fight racism; with a real need for equality and justice against ‘institutional racism’. The term, “take your knee off my neck”, is a metaphor for, ‘Covert Racism’ that’s experienced.

EMMA proposes to create a sense of Hope, through our Multicultural UK Day, testing organisation statement toward support for BLM; to celebrate their own Multicultural credentials, allowing 1 year for change, to expose other parties, discrimination, that leads to racial and economic inequality.

Covid-19 report for BAME community deaths stated factors ranging from Social and Economic inequalities, Racism, Discrimination & occupational risk. The fact, UK is 21st on the Global Social Mobility Index, prior to 20% GDP collapse in April, leading us to concern of 3 million, unemployment.

Politicians, who acknowledge, the need for a Multicultural Celebration

Members of Parliament

Mr Ian Byrne MP; Ms Stella Creasy MP; Mr Mark Hoskisson (Mr Mick Whitley MP); Ms Karen Buck MP; Mr Graham Stringer MP; Mrs Maria Miller MP; Mr Sam Tarry MP; Ms Kirsten Oswald MP; Mr Dean Russell MP; Mr Matt Rodda MP; Mr Jon Cruddas MP; Ms Florence Eshalomi MP; Ms Rupa Huq MP; Ms Fleur Anderson MP; Ms Emily Thornberry, ((Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs); Ms Jo Stevens MP; Mr Alex Sobel MP; Mr Marco Longhi MP; Ms Sarah Olney MP; Ms Kate Osamor MP; Mr Chris Hazzard MP; Mr Gavin J Robinson MP; Ms Catherine West MP; Mr Elliot Colburn MP; Mr David Lammy MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor) Ms Caroline Lucas MP; Mr Shailesh Vara MP; Mr John Cryer MP; Mr Kit Malthouse MP (Minister of State for Crime, Policing and the Fire Service); Ms Anneliese Dodds MP (Shadow Chancellor to the Exchequer); Sir David Amess MP; Ms Tulip Siddiq MP; Dr Ben Spencer MP; Mr Chris Green MP;

Councillors and Assembly Members

Cllr Bex White (Tower Hamlets); Cllr Tricia Clarke (Islington); Cllr Ejiofor Joseph (Haringey); Cllr Blake Mark (Haringey); Cllr Harun Miah (Tower Hamlets); Cllr Gideon Bull (Haringey); Cllr Christopher Dey (Enfield); Mr Mark Wheatley (City of London); Mr Andy Mayer (City of London); Cllr Anne Hutton (Barnet); Ms Caroline Pidgeon (London Assembly Member, Deputy Chair of Transport Committee); Mr Andrew Dismore (London Assembly – Chair, Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning Committee) Cllr Lilain Salton (Blackburn); Cllr Anjna Khurana (Islington); Cllr Eddie E Moores (Oldham); Cllr Asif Siddique (Hammersmith & Fulham); Cllr Dina Barry (Enfield); Cllr Ghazanfar Ali (Deputy Mayor - Harrow); Cllr Paul Bell (Lewisham); Cllr Paula Appleby (Manchester); Cllr Katrina Lidbetter (Kingston); (Cllr Sally Kenny (Merton); Cllr Graham Henson (Harrow); Cllr Sirajul Islam (Statutory Deputy Mayor – Tower Hamlets); Cllr Paul Westley (Leicester); Cllr Sara Conway (Barnet); Cllr Larraine Revah (Camden); Cllr Chris Summers (Ealing); Cllr Jim Shorrock (Blackburn); Westminster City Council (Communications Team); Cllr Khaled Moyeed (Haringey); Cllr Danny Rich (Barnet); Cllr Vick Jenkins (Bradford)

Editor’s Note: Story to be released on the 22 June 2020, to celebrate the arrival of the first migrates from the Commonwealth, which helped shape present day “Multicultural UK”; hence followed by many from South Asia.

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