Excelitte captures data from spreadsheets, stores it securely in a database to be accessed using biometrics all in less than 40 seconds.

Temsconsu launches Excelitte an automation tool that captures data from spreadsheets, then solves the usual problems with using spreadsheets such as accidental deletion or transformation, security, manipulating/analysing large volumes of data, and duplication of the same spreadsheet data.

Excelitte as a digital/IT product provides an automated and very effective way of transferring or importing data from data spreadsheets or other similar sources straight into a database.

Excelitte imports or captures your data from a spreadsheet or other similar sources and transforms it into a web application in an instant, literally in seconds. Example 1 million rows of data can be captured and transformed in approximately 40 seconds.

Some Excelitte Features

  • Your data is automatically converted, stored very securely, there are no exposed files that can be ransomed, its details stolen, or any form of unauthorised access to your data.
  • Your data is backed up, can be restored in minutes, and sent to your email address weekly or every three days depending on your preference without you having to lift a finger.
  • Automatically generated 2D summated summary reports for all numerical data.
  • Automatic data trend and chart analysis in the form of pie, bar, line, and scatter graphs.
  • Single-use of your data, on your single PC and no exposure to the internet, when your computer is connected to the Internet if required.
  • The Excelitte Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning model a customised feature will now use your data captured as input to automatically derive intelligent, scientific, and predictive data analytics. For example, generating analytics that provides a 360% view of your customer or client or predicting sales, peaks, troughs, or on product demand or competitor pricing just to mention a few.

Avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and waiting for months or years to migrate or move your data into a database web-based software application, visit us at www.excelitte.com and start a free trial today.

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Excelitte captures data from spreadsheets, stores it securely in a database to be accessed using biometrics all in less than 40 seconds.