Erasable notebook manufacturer Correctbook launches series to raise awareness about illiteracy

On Thursday, June 4, 2020 social enterprise Correctbook launched the trailer of her newest series of “The Correctbook Diary”. The first full episode of the series will be published on June the 11th, 2020 at five P.M. on Correctbook’s YouTube channel. The series consists of five episodes, each with its own theme. It shows the distressing shortage of basic writing material in different developing areas of Rwanda, but also the practical solution that Correctbook offers!

Part of the young Correctbook team travelled all the way to Rwanda for the series. In the series you will see how Correctbook provides erasable writing material to her target group: children who would otherwise go to school without anything to write with. Worldwide 250 million children go to school every day without a pen or paper. Correctbook aims to make this problem visible to the world and to offer a solution.

How it all began

In 2014, twenty year old Sam from Holland was completely astonished during his vacation in South Africa, when he personally witnessed how children in the slums were well able to go to school, but couldn’t do anything else there except listen carefully to what the teacher was saying. They could not take any notes, because they did not have a pen or even one single piece of paper. Following this vacation, Sam studied this problem further and discovered that one of the results of this is that more than 750 million people worldwide of fifteen years and older, are still illiterate today.

Paper shortage is an important reason for the problem, as paper is expensive, and you can only use a sheet of paper once. Sam decided to join his passion for entrepreneurship with his new fighting spirit to do something about this huge but simple problem. He founded the social enterprise Correctbook and started producing and selling erasable notebooks. With the purchase of one Correctbook in Europe, Correctbook can supply three months’ worth of the same erasable writing material for one child in a developing area in Africa.

In Europe, the Correctbook brand is doing well. The product is popular here because it is reusable and, in this way, sustainable because of the paper it saves. This year Correctbook will produce more than half a million copies of their Correctbooks. A major part of these will be produced in Africa for the target group. This was made possible by a donation from the national lottery for an education program of Edukans, in which Correctbook is involved by delivering the Correctbook writing material.

Why this series?

Founder Sam explains: “Correctbook was not founded only to fight illiteracy. We also want to bring this problem to the attention of the public. For instance: Were you aware that 250 million children go to school each day without even a pen or a piece of paper? I was completely amazed by this fact in 2014. That is why I want to raise awareness for this problem.”

The series offer a direct peek into the work of Correctbook in Rwanda. You will see Sam meeting with the Rwandese Correctbook team and proudly presenting the local production facility. The Correctbooks are produced locally and are distributed in the most remote areas of the country.

The trailer that comes out on June 11, is a sneak preview of the full series that consists of five inspiring episodes with each episode emphasizing its own theme. Starting from June 11, a new episode will be released every week on Thursday at five PM on the Correctbook YouTube channel.

The series is a must-watch, telling the story of an average Dutch boy who witnessed a world problem with his own eyes and decided to do something about it. He makes the problem known to the public and helps hundreds of thousands of children with his Correctbook. That did not always go as easy as it seems…

Watch the trailer here:

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