Customer Experience Shouldn’t Be Scripted Says Pro UK Consultants

News provided by Pro UK Consultants Ltd on Friday 4th Dec 2015

Customer experience should be completely personalised to an individual, and this cannot be done through using a scripted customer service experience, explains Pro UK Consultants.

A study undertaken by McKinsey & Company reveals that more than 50 per cent of customer interactions appear to be part of a multi-channel journey. The reason for this is the way many firms deal with customer queries, finds outsourced event marketing firm Pro UK Consultants. In order to achieve consistency, all too often businesses ask their employees to follow a script instead of empowering them to deal with each individual query and follow through until it is resolved.

Pro UK Consultants says: “By putting too many restrictions in place, customer service representatives don't have the flexibility to deal with the nuances of individual customer situations. Companies implement scripts because they intend to achieve consistency. This may however backfire and can become a frustrating experience for the customer." In line with the study it is suggested that often customers cannot distinguish between an employee who is restricted to adapt their approach and one who is unwilling to assist.

Based in Birmingham, Pro UK Consultants see the customer experience as their number one priority and always guarantee consumers a personalised approach. The firm raises brand awareness at a number of events on their clients' behalf. “Our independent sales advisors meet with people in person. They build a connection with them, have a rapport with them, value their feedback and can provide an immediate solution depending on their needs," says Pro UK Consultants. With rising competition on the market, it is important for businesses to distinguish themselves. “Nowadays, consumers have the choice of who they wish to buy from. They want to feel appreciated and treated as an asset for the company rather than being just another number," add Pro UK Consultants.

It is all about the WOW factor, giving people something they do not expect. Consumers want to be offered a quick and personalised solution. A company's brand promise should always reflect in the way they interact with their customers. Therefore, businesses must have procedures in place in order to maintain consistency. Nevertheless, Pro UK Consultants recommend businesses to empower their employees to make decisions there and then by giving them the relevant support and guidance. “If you can successfully look beyond the script and deliver a personalised experience, customers will perceive your brand as what it aspires to be," summarise Pro UK Consultants.

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Customer Experience Shouldn’t Be Scripted Says Pro UK Consultants

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