Pro UK Consultants: Which Words Sell?

News provided by Pro UK Consultants Ltd on Friday 18th Dec 2015

The choice of words used plays a pivotal role in selling a product. Pro UK Consultants in Birmingham investigate into some of the most effective words that every business should be using in their sales pitch.

Event sales and marketing specialists Pro UK Consultants say the words used in a sales pitch can determine its success. By increasing their clients' sales by nearly 60 per cent in quarter three 2015, compared to the previous quarter, the firm has become one of the leading sales and marketing experts in Birmingham. Pro UK Consultants have perfected their sales techniques and reveal which words should be mentioned in order to increase possibilities of closing the deal and why using them has helped the firm increase sales figures over the past few months.

Jameel Paul, Managing Director of Pro UK Consultants, explains: “Closing the deal with a prospect is influenced by several factors. We must focus on what we can influence: our attitude, our pitch and product knowledge.” He adds: “Individuals can choose their attitude. We can equip them with the relevant skills about the product they are selling and how to present a successful pitch to turn around as many sales as possible.”

Based on their research, Pro UK Consultants suggest that the following words should be part of every sales pitch: the customer's name, 'do' instead of 'try', 'and' instead of 'but', 'value', 'imagine', 'because', 'or' and 'Should we?' “By using our recommended words, the conversation with the consumer does not just sound like a typical sales pitch which is rather a one-way conversation,” explains Jameel Paul of Pro UK Consultants. “Both parties get involved into a personalised conversation based on the customer's needs,” continues Jameel Paul. Pro UK Consultants explain why their suggested words can make all the difference:

Using their name

Jameel Paul of Pro UK Consultants encourages sales representatives to use each customer's name for a minimum of three times during a conversation. “By addressing them directly by name, the recommendations made by the representative are personalised and specifically for 'Mr Jones', 'Mrs Smith' and so on,” explains Jameel Paul of Pro UK Consultants.


Saying “I will do this for you immediately” has a more powerful impact than “I will try to resolve this.” Pro UK Consultants say, in order to build trusting relationships with customers, they must be convinced that they are well looked after.


By replacing the word 'but' with 'and', customers are under the impression the sales representative agrees with them, while the word 'but' sounds rather negative and contradictive.


Pro UK Consultants insist that consumers want to know what is in it for them. The sales representative must point out how the relevant product can provide value to the customer.


“The word 'imagine' triggers something very important in the customer's mind: how would their life improve by using the product,” says Jameel Paul of Pro UK Consultants. By picturing themselves, consumers develop a need for the product.


A study undertaken by Ellen Langer, social psychologist and professor at Harvard University, reveals that people are 20 per cent more likely to do something if they know the reason. Explaining why and how the product offers a solution to a current situation or problem increases the chances of closing the deal.


Pro UK Consultants say that consumers are more likely to buy from a representative when they are offered alternatives. “We usually offer three options to customers,” explains Jameel Paul. “Two options sound like 'either or'. More than three options to choose from may confuse the customer.”

Should we?

No one wants to be told what they should do. By using the question 'Should we?' the sales representative makes a suggestion and maintains mutual respect. The decision remains with the consumer.

Event sales and marketing company Pro UK Consultants strive to use these keywords in their sales pitch to help maximise success at every selling opportunity.

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