Brandlective Communications: Content Marketing Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Put simply, Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers. Done correctly, content marketing can help a business engage their audience and lay the foundation from which lasting emotional connections can be built. With more and more customers choosing to conduct research on a business before entering into any kind of agreement with them, content marketing has never been so important. Great content marketing should have a strong and distinct voice and deliver a consistent message across all marketing channels. It should also be informative, yet interesting and act as an important resource to both existing and potential customers. Online marketing and PR agency Brandlective Communications believes that for businesses in the current market, there is a lt riding on the quality of their content marketing and are keen to iron out the most common pitfalls when it comes to running a successful content marketing campaign. To help businesses get a firm grip on content marketing the firm have outlines some of the biggest content marketing mistakes and how businesses can avoid them.

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Don't Neglect Your Distribution Strategy

Whilst many businesses understand the importance of producing strong content, many fail to put the same effort and energy into distributing their content. Failing to come up with an effective distribution strategy renders even the most engaging content redundant as it will lack visibility and reach. figuring out the distribution strategy early on will not only ensure your message has the best possible reach, it will also allow you to tailor your content so that it is relevant to each specific distribution channel and sets the right tone.

Have a Realistic Lifespan

Considering the lifespan of content on certain channels will prevent you from wasting time and ensure you are investing in the most effective channels. For example Twitter is an 'of the moment' channel, so content is best posted at times of high traffic and in association with trending topics. On the other hand, Facebook and Tumblr allows content to be shared and stored for a long time, gaining exposure over a longer period and across multiple users.

Understand the Power of Emotion

As a marketer, your main role is that of a storyteller, and the best stories are those that resonate on an emotional level with the audience. Make sure your content is relatable, and look to customers for inspiration and feedback. Although creating a story which both resonates with a large audience yet feels personal is difficult, there will always be a common value, experience or idea that brings certain groups of your customers together and generates an emotional response.

Give and Take

Customers don't have to be loyal to your brand, it's their free choice and as such it is up to you to make them want to stay. With today's consumers subjected to an obscene amount of marketing content on a daily basis, customers are on the lookout for a positive and memorable experience. Make sure you are offering your customers something of value if you want to drive loyalty, and consider their needs at every stage of the relationship, not just after they have made a purchase from your business.

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