​Keep on Top of Social Media Management Using Brandlective’s How to Guide

Social media has become a part of people’s everyday life, however it can become overwhelming. London-based online marketing agency, Brandlective have revealed their how to guide to keep on top of social media.

Digital marketing is a science; in the world of online, nothing happens by chance. Every GIF, Vine, video or comment that a person sees is most likely the result of somebody’s social media marketing strategy. Facebook was never intended to be a marketing tool and YouTube was simply a means of sharing home made videos. But now, social media platforms have tremendous marketing power for both brands and entrepreneurs.

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However, due to the power that social media has in 2016, it is easy to be overwhelmed when being bombarded by notifications, messages and comments from all social media accounts. Brandlective states that it doesn’t have to be like this; the online marketing agency has released their guide on how to manage social media through some smart and strategic moves.

  • Clean up social media accounts - By letting go of accounts that are irrelevant to an individual or a business, space can be made for more valuable connections.
  • Find relevant accounts - Find social network sites that are suitable and find people or influencers to follow and fully engage with.
  • Scheduling - Scheduling posts makes it really easy to post at more popular times, be time efficient and get more engagement with the audience.
  • Set limits - Set a timer and when it goes off, return to work.
  • Take a break - Take a break from social media on a regular basis to take time to renew, recharge and come back refreshed.

Brandlective believes that managing a social media presence is important for maintaining a positive brand reputation as well as increasing awareness and engagement from customers. The London-based firm establishes a social media presence on platforms that will provide the most benefits to the business. The firm’s social media management service includes: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram plus many more social platforms.

Based in London Bridge, Brandlective specialises in social media management, content marketing, blogging, website development and creating intriguing advert copy for online marketing campaigns. Working with a range of industries, the agency is committed to helping small businesses achieve great results with their online marketing activities. Brandlective is due to celebrate 5 years in business in September.

Source: http://www.theceomagazine.com/business/how-to-stay-in-control-of-your-social-media-accounts/

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​Keep on Top of Social Media Management Using Brandlective’s How to Guide