9 Year Old British Boy Locked Up In Children's Centre near Dubai, UAE

JAMIE, a 9 year old British citizen, has been shut away in a children’s centre on the edge of the desert near Dubai, UAE.

Following a two week holiday in Dubai where his father works, Jamie steadfastly refused to return to his mother in France, citing the fear of a mentally and physically abusive environment.

Jamie’s mother sought a French court order to force Jamie to return to France, but after he still refused to return during numerous visits to court and police stations in Dubai, authorities detained him, and with only the clothes he stood in, incarcerated him in the children’s centre.

He is not allowed to see his family or beloved dog Blue, and has been dressed in orphanage clothes.

Jamie is threatening to kill himself if he is returned to France, and has said that he doesn’t want to wake up in the morning.

There is a great deal of concern amongst family and friends for his current physical condition. Jamie’s grandmother, Mrs Fiona Oomes, said “Jamie, at only 9 years old, is having to endure more than most adults would be able to cope with. His physical health deteriorated considerably due to stress when incarcerated, and his mental health is fading. We are all desperately worried for his safety and his life.”

Jamie’s family is campaigning to have him released from the children’s centre and brought back to a familiar, stable and loving environment.

Members of the family have been speaking with Nathan Hug at the British Foreign Office, but so far little or nothing has been done by the Government to secure Jamie’s release.

A petition has been set up to give Jamie a voice and restore his human rights of life, liberty, and personal security.

The family is appealing to the public to help save Jamie by signing the petition encouraging the UK Government to intervene. The petition can be found at https://www.change.org/p/prime-minister-please-save-jamie-a-9-year-old-british-boy-stuck-in-a-middle-eastern-children-s-centre

A website has also been set up to Save Jamie which can be found at https://save-jamie.org


For media enquiries, contact: Ben Anderson, info@savejamie.org, 07960 359473.

Notes to the editors

This strong-minded little boy has refused to return to France despite being subjected to hours of interrogation at police stations and court in Dubai.

The children’s centre has 25 foot high walls and has been described by some as ‘a cross between a jail and an orphanage’.

With the threat of being arrested and thoughts of being no help to Jamie if he were stuck in a Middle Eastern jail, Jamie’s father heartbreakingly tried to physically hand Jamie over in court. But as Jamie yet again refused to go, he was detained and sent to the children’s centre.

Mrs Fiona Oomes said “What is a father supposed to do faced with trying to keep on the right side of the law by trying to return his son to France, whilst also trying to respect Jamie’s wishes to stay with him in Dubai, and of course protecting his son’s right to live in a protective, loving and stable environment.

“This is not a custody battle situation. Jamie refused to return to France before any custody was sought through French courts following the parents’ separation. This is about a 9 year old child being locked away because his wish is to stay living in Dubai with his father. This is about the human rights of a British child being completely ignored. This is about saving the life of a child who is not able to cope with his current predicament. This is child abuse.

“Following Jamie’s refusal to return to the family home in France saying he was extremely frightened of his mother, the relationship between his parents deteriorated with Jamie’s dad respecting Jamie’s rights and wishes, and wanting to protect him by providing a loving and stable environment at his second home in Dubai.”

Jamie was born to a British father and a French mother. Jamie’s father and his family come from Northumberland, England.

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of Save Jamie, on Tuesday 27 November, 2018. For more information subscribe and follow https://pressat.co.uk/

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