6 Exterior Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Uncared For

LONDON, June 2013---- After six months of unpredictable weather, home exterior problems related to damp are showing up in properties across North London. Here are 6 exterior mistakes that lead to expensive replacement works on windows, roofs, and decks.

1.Not preparing or checking external woodwork – Constantly wet wood doesn’t suffer from dry rot, but damp wood sustains the perfect nutrients for the damaging fungi. Horizontal wood strips tend to hold damp, so it’s important to check window ledges and trim regularly, even if they’ve been treated. Where chunks of infected wood are removed, the leftover surfaces should be treated before new wood is fitted.

2. Inappropriate wood treatment before painting – Exterior painting needs careful wood preparation. Problems like blistering and cracking may be the result of hidden rot, or they could simply be due to painters not allowing time for paint to dry between coats.

3. Applying the wrong paint – The use of solvent-based paint on a wet or damp surface leaves a ‘slippy’ effect. Water-based paint takes less time to dry, making it less flexible, but safer on exteriors.

4. Gap-free decking above the DPC – Buildings have a layer of impermeable material (damp-proof course) in the foundations to stop rising damp. Decking that runs straight off the structure and above this layer hinders air circulation and water run-off, leading to internal damp.

5. Softwood supports in direct contact with ground – Decking made entirely of softwood can save money while still looking good. However, softwood is more susceptible to damp and rot, so the timber should be on concrete or metal supports that clear it of soft ground.

6. Poor-quality soffits and fascia – Fascia run along the roof behind the gutter, and if untreated or badly installed, can rot. The rot spreads up to the soffits (paneling under the overhang), into the roofing, and into the home.


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