Young Entrepreneurs provide the antidote to self-isolation with an app which connects the young and the old.

As the Coronavirus takes grip, forcing many older, vulnerable people into self-isolation, UniTaskr, the student task app, ran by two young entrepreneurs, Joseph Black & Oliver Jacobs with a workforce of over 10,000 strong, low-risk students is connecting generations just when they need it most.

With UniTaskr, currently ranked No.5 in the app store, the desire between the strongest and the most vulnerable people in society to connect, to do business and do good, is clearly catching.

Whilst social services and the NHS are overwhelmed with those in need, UniTaskr is charging no fee to the public to post a task, payment goes directly to the student via the app’s secure payment system but the founders have also provided an option for students to waive their fee like themselves as part of their #Task4Help campaign.

Last week thousands of students signed up to the app and are available and willing to accept the public’s errands.

The public will be able to post a delivery task, on the UniTaskr app or website outlining key information, such as what they need, when they need it and where they need it delivered. Local students are notified and can apply for the task. The buyer can then assign a student to the task, and are then put into a private chat to communicate the finer details. Upon purchasing the goods the student will send through an image of the receipt alongside an updated task price for the buyer to release payment and delivery can then be made.

The #Task4Help initiative will be available to anyone who requires assistance, whether that be an elderly person who is unable to leave their home or a single mum who needs nappies for her child or someone that needs their dog walked. Whatever the task, big or small, UniTaskr has an army of students ready and willing to help those in need.

Both the app and the website are user friendly, making it easy for those not familiar with technology. The UniTaskr platform can also be used by family members or friends to post a task on behalf of someone else, who might not have access to technology.

At a time when those vulnerable are feeling isolated and panicked, this initiative can have massive impact in providing a lifeline to many who are in a place of fear. It has the potential to unite our country and provide a sense of calm despite these extraordinary circumstances.

UniTaskr can be accessed via both website and app. ( and is available on both Android and IOS app stores.

The founders of UniTaskr, Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs, have always had a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and an ethos of people before profits and this decision to do something about Coronavirus is no different.

Joseph commented, “When the virus started to impact the economy, we immediately thought how we could enable the most at risk people and at the same time, empower our army of students”.

Oliver explains further, “Supermarkets and pharmacies are straining to keep up with the demand of panic buying and online delivery services are currently showing a one to two week delay. At the same time our students are at home as many universities, colleges and schools go on strike or won’t be on campus, in large numbers. It was obvious for us to connect the two.”

About UniTaskr:

UniTaskr is the number one student task app. Ranked No. 5 in the app store, and has an army of over 10,000 students around the UK.The UniTaskr app connects you with skilled, affordable and trusted university students to get things done. From online tasks such as influencer marketing, to local everyday jobs.

Building on the hugely successful 2019 campaign, called #Task4Homeless, that mobilised their student workforce to help deliver food donations to the Manchester Central Foodbank.

If you are isolated and need help, visit the webpage and post what errand you need or download the app, UniTaskr, available in IOS and Android.


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Young Entrepreneurs provide the antidote to self-isolation with an app which connects the young and the old.