Wood 4 Floors discount deals: get high quality, engineered oak flooring for less

UK flooring specialists Wood 4 Floors offer their exclusive, engineered brown smoked oak boards at a mark-down price. For a limited time only all customers can purchase precision manufactured planks at just £25.35 (ex. VAT).

Wood4Floors traditional grade, smoked, brown oak flooring is now available with a generous 20% discount. The price mark-down and easy install of this product is enough to tempt many homeowners into remodelling. It gives them the opportunity to get a beautiful, traditional, brown oak floor – at a knock-down price.

The precision engineered oak boards, exclusive to Wood4Floors are 150mm wide and 14mm thick. Engineered timber floors have many advantages over using solid-oak boards. Aside from the fact it’s a considerably cheaper option, the flooring is more stable and easier to install.

Planks can be glued down with flexible adhesive or floated over most subfloors without the use of nails. They’re also ideal for use with under-floor heating. The engineered construction makes them inherently dimensionally stable and less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity.

Traditional wood flooring is now highly desirable in the UK market place. There has been a definite trending shift where modern floor coverings such as vinyl’s and tiles are becoming redundant in favour of classic wood floors.

Wood4Floors’ smoked brown oak plank is a classic, distinctive choice that ticks all the boxes. The traditional grade timber has more character marks for a natural finish. Straight and wild grain figuring, mineral elements, and more colour variation gives it unique characteristics.

The classic dark colour is attractive, will never go out of style, and will look richer over time. The oiled finish is advantageous too, not only does it make the wood look more natural, but it penetrates deeper, has a great surface density and is therefore more resistant to abrasive movements.

The benefits of wooden floors in the modern home are significant. The decline in popularity of carpets in recent years has been attributed to widely publicised reports that deem them unhealthy. Carpets trap and harbour dust mites and moulds, which means a poor quality of life for the millions of UK allergy sufferers. 85% of people with asthma are also allergic to dust mites. Wood floors mean cleaner air for a healthier home.

Despite the recession, people seem more willing to invest in quality wood floor coverings in favour of inferior laminate products. That’s no surprise. The durability of wooden floors means they can last a lifetime. The modern mentality of replacing floor coverings every few years because of stains or wear and tear doesn’t seem so much of an attractive prospect. Customers have come to realise that this actually costs more in the long-run. Even higher-maintenance oiled floors are coming back into fashion for the simple reason that scratches and damage can be repaired, unlike with lacquered floors.

As well as the durability factor, you can be confident that wood will never go out of fashion. It’s a natural material that will suit every interior style. Wood4Floors smoked brown oak floor works well in a traditional property, giving a sense of grandeur and antiquity. It is also neutral enough to suit a contemporary design.

Free Samples of the floor can be obtained from Wood4Floors website. Those in the London area can visit their showroom in Forest Hill. Delivery is normally within 2 or 3 days and a fitting service is available if required.

Wood 4 Floors have been suppliers to the flooring trade for over 25 years. They provide a quality product at competitive prices. to trade customers and homeowners across the UK. You can browse their full range on their website www.wood4floors.co.uk

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Wood 4 Floors discount deals: get high quality, engineered oak flooring for less