With the US Presidential Race Getting Hotter by the Second, Citipeak Events Review What Makes Effective Leadership

On the back of the debate between the two Presidential Candidates for the race to become the next US President, London-based Event Marketing firm, Citipeak Events review their top 5 tips on how to become an effective leader.

Citipeak Events is London’s most ambitious and dynamic outsourced event marketing and sales firm. The company develop and execute event marketing campaigns that are managed by the firm’s sales and marketing contractors; therefore leadership is an integral part of the firm’s business plan. Entrepreneur and founder of Citipeak Events, Nick Johnson is a highly effective leader, but to ensure continued long term success for the firm, Nick Johnson believes that great leadership must run throughout the firm, and not just at the top.

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The firm outlines their top 5 tips that will help on the path to become a top leader within business.

Communicate effectively – in both life and business, effective communication is imperative. A great leader will ensure that they are heard and understood and additionally will appreciate the importance of being a good listener. A company that continues to move forward will understand that communication is a two-way street.

Never stop improving – a great leader will constantly learn and try new things to improve themselves. They will also have an open mind and will be open to any new opportunities to try and better themselves or master and new skill.

Lead by example – for people to want to follow, a leader must set the tone by ‘showing’ and not just ‘telling’. Be professional at all times, especially when around those that will be influenced.

Keep meetings productive – if a leader trusts their team to do their job, then there is no need for micromanaging. Limit tangents and other time wasters during meetings.

Stay humble – a great leader will share the stoplight and be comfortable in crediting others for their hard work and success. Being humble takes more confidence than basking in all the glory.

Citipeak Events believes that when effective leadership is in place in a company, it can be felt throughout the entire organization. An inclusive company culture is not forced with good leadership, and everyone will understand the vision and goals of the organization, with an individual input into where their role lies.

As a small business, Citipeak Events set up private hire event sites; where they represent their client’s brand, sell and promote their products and services to consumers and increase brand awareness. The firm work with a range of sales contractors who demonstrate many of the top qualities of successful business men and women, including strong leadership skills.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238747


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With the US Presidential Race Getting Hotter by the Second, Citipeak Events Review What Makes Effective Leadership