Citipeak Events Investigate Reports that UK Consumers think Online Advertising is ‘intrusive’

With reports that UK consumers (when compared to European and US counterparts) are the most likely to think online advertising is ‘getting worse’ or becoming more ‘intrusive’, event marketing firm, Citipeak Events explain why brands should be using traditional direct marketing methods as part of their overall marketing strategy.

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According to a new study by Adobe, UK consumers are among the most critical when it comes to online advertising with 27% of UK consumers believing that digital ads have ‘gotten worse’ over the past 3 years, compared to 22% in France, 20% in the USA and 18% in Germany. In addition to this, 54% of people in the UK would describe online advertising as ‘ineffective’.

In terms of video ads, 50% of UK consumers said they would stop watching an advert entirely if they weren’t able to skip it, and 74% said that if they had the option to skip and ad, they would do it at the first opportunity. The study also found that the main reason (51%) UK consumers purchased ad blocking software was because they found ads ‘annoying’.

In response to this study, event marketing firm, Citipeak Events advocate the use of direct marketing as an extremely effective marketing strategy alongside online marketing campaigns. Unlike online advertising, direct marketing enables a business to target a particular demographic with a personalised message, is cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales with a measureable ROI (Return on Investment).

Many brands are turning to direct marketing campaigns as part of their marketing strategy because of the quantity and quality of results that are generated through the campaigns. The reasons that direct marketing generates such great results for brands is because unlike online advertising, direct marketing identifies a specific target audience and demographic, with time taken to ensure the marketing message delivered, matches with the current needs of the target segment. In addition, direct marketing connects with customer’s in-person, building relationships and trust with customers, at the same time receiving instant feedback.

Citipeak Events is an event marketing company based in London. As a small business, Citipeak Events set up private hire events sites where they represent their client’s brands and sell and promote their products and services. Citipeak Events states that event marketing is an extremely effective marketing solution will help brands recapture consumers who have dis-engaged with online marketing.

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Citipeak Events Investigate Reports that UK Consumers think Online Advertising is ‘intrusive’