Will ‘extrapreneurs’ be the entrepreneurs of the future? EA Worldwide Acquisitions investigates

EA Worldwide AcquisitionsEA Worldwide Acquisitions explores how entrepreneurship is evolving and evaluates the role ‘extrapreneurs’ will play in future.

A true entrepreneur is an individual who possesses a variety of unique traits, skills and characteristics that fuel them towards achieving and reaching their dreams. Entrepreneurs have more than just ideas; they have a strategy of how to create ideas into reality. Entrepreneurship is exciting and gives an individual much greater control over their own destiny, with a direct link between the hard work that is put in and the rewards that are taken.

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The concept of entrepreneurship was first introduced in 1723 by a French economist called Richard Cantillon. Over the past 200 years, the concept has drastically changed. In today’s business world, the concept of ‘intrapreneurs’ has now formed. This is someone who is an ‘inside’ entrepreneur, someone who is employed by a business and who use their talent for the good of the enterprise. The returns for such an entrepreneur are a salary and bonuses because they require some level of security.

Some predictions suggest that society’s entrepreneurs of today will continue to develop to also include ‘extrapreneurs’ (a blend of both the intrapreneur and the entrepreneur). The extrapreneur is not employed, but instead work is outsourced to them from a mother organisation. This means, they have a level of security from the mother enterprise, and the organisation will also benefit from not having to employ someone, but is still guaranteed a quality service. Predictions state that society can be expected to see a growing percentage of extrapreneurs potentially becoming a more integral part of an organisation's core structure.

EA Worldwide Acquisitions is a limited company that was established in the UK in 2007 after expanding from the USA. Founded by entrepreneur Josh Cote, the firm focus on face-to-face sales through business to business or business to consumer in order to create the most direct personal link between clients and potential and existing customers. The firm works with contractors and freelancers to execute interactive marketing campaigns to increase client's sales and revenues.

As true supporters of entrepreneurship, EA Worldwide Acquisitions believes that society will develop to include more and more intrapreneurs and extrapreneurs, and claim that this is important to shape future attitudes and habits towards work and career preferences.




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