How does face-to-face marketing fit into today’s digital world?

With technology changing the way we consume information, Business Consulting, Josh Cote discusses the high demand for face-to-face marketing campaigns.

Technology and digital content is changing the way that people consume information; this is regardless of demographic such as age, location and purchasing habits. Today, the digital world has a much larger influence on marketing than it did 5 years ago.

About Josh Cote:

In 2015, adults in the USA spent an average of nearly 2 hours a day consuming digital video content and 40 minutes a day on Facebook (this is up from 30 minutes a day in 2011). 27% of the baby boomer generation spend 20+ hours a week consuming content that is online. And 2014 marked the year that mobile use was greater than the use of desktop computers. Today more than half of all digital content consumed is done on a mobile device, and this is now the leading source of internet access.

Despite the rise in technology and digital platforms, the demand for direct face-to-face marketing has skyrocketed. There is still a huge need for personalised in-person interactions; technology may bring people together, but it seems it cannot replace the face-to-face interaction with a potential customer that builds trust.

Sales and Marketing Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, Josh Cote, coaches SME's on how to improve customer acquisition and retention. His background is in face-to-face sales through business-to-business, events or business-to-consumer. "To create the most direct and personal link between clients and potential customers, offline marketing must run in sync with a brand's digital approach," states Josh Cote.

The successful entrepreneur acknowledges the rise and influence that technology and digital platforms have on marketing strategies and encourages SMEs not to ignore these. Josh Cote adds, "We all know there will always be a need for face-to-face interactions. However, we need to help smaller businesses to embrace cross-channel marketing and use both digital and offline marketing to their advantage." He concludes that marketers should pair the face-to-face experience with live social media features to keep up to date with current trends and to continue to build trust with consumers.



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How does face-to-face marketing fit into today’s digital world?