Why Men Are Spending More On Skin Care

It has been well documented in recent years how the male grooming and skin care market has exploded here in the UK. What used to be a simple shower gel and shaving cream has now evolved into a whole array of moisturisers, after shave care, cleansing products and even eye cream, as men all over turn up the volume on their skin's performance.

With the evolution of male specific skin care brands and clever marketing, often portraying buff guys in the bronze, men are quickly tuning in and becoming more responsive to such game changing plots and why shouldn't they? Recipe For Men for example, boast a collection of over twenty products devoted to men's skin and shaving success. Meanwhile, British born MMUK MAN prove to be the perfect recipe for a good time with their luxury range of male cosmetic products, that even go as far as selling mascara and foundation.

Whilst ten years ago, a bit of spare cash at the start of the month may have gone on a new pair of jeans or video game, the rise of the modern day man has created a seismic shift in just how men are now investing in themselves and spending their money.

Of course, it wouldn't be right to neglect the power of male celebrity influence. With David Beckham regularly cited as a founding father to modern day grooming, George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are all having their say in making Britain's gentlemen look as though they have been cut from red carpet royalty!

'As social pressure on men grows to look a step ahead of the rest, more and more are quickly coming to realise how far just a little extra care in the bathroom can take them in their personal lives' says Alex Dalley, co-founder of online men's grooming retailer MaleSkin.co.uk..

'Of course, we shouldn't underestimate the power that women are playing in the popularity of skin care too. Men fundamentally wish to look well groomed to attract women, whilst those with partners are embracing it more than we could have eve known' says Dalley, who launched MaleSkin just three years ago.

Recent theorists also indicate that career progression is also a key factor in the growing popularity of anti wrinkle treatments especially, with a younger looking complexion making it onto the grooming hit lists of many career focused men. Looking fresh and ahead of the game definitely gives you an advantage in the bathroom and taking it to the boardroom can actually work wonders for your success.

So, with the ever changing plate tectonics of male grooming, what do the next few years have in store for Britain's growingly obsessed men? With the recent uprise in manscaping products, hair removal creams and makeup, is this only the beginning, as more and more men realise just how to up their grooming game in all the right ways?

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