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With the explosion of the men's skin and personal care market over recent years, it comes as no surprise that most of the main players in the beauty industry have quickly darted onto the bandwagon, with brand new product lines apparently devoted to men.

However, by looking a little closer at their ingredients and formulas, you will quickly come to realise that a fair chunk of these products have been subject to a clever bit of re-packaging, with typically a 'for men' added to their label, in order to try and beef up their naturally feminine brands. Is it really acceptable, as male grooming standards continue to outpace our female counterparts? I'm going with a big fat no!

Here to help us sort the men from the boys, so to speak, are British based men's online skin specialist MaleSkin, who have several years of experience within the industry. Helping us find the heroes amongst the zero's, introduce us to their top five manliest of manly skin care brands that have been adapted in every aspect to specifically cater for gentlemen's skin.

What better way to start than with MMUK MAN, an East Sussex based men's makeup line for men, showcasing over thirty cosmetic products designed specifically to suit men's skin. Whether it's foundation, concealer or even bronzer for men that you are looking for, MMUK MAN tick all the right boxes on their way towards giving everyday gents the gift of an enhanced complexion and most importantly, supreme confidence.

Giving your grooming routine just that little bit more 'grrr' shall we say, are Bulldog Natural Grooming, a brand quickly rising to the higher echelons of the men's personal care market in recent years. Recently making it into Tesco superstores also, reaffirming the brands popularity amongst the most manly of men, Bulldog certainly pack a hefty punch in the bathroom. Boasting the name, the products, including their hugely popular eye roll-on and the packaging, Bulldog are certainly a brand to watch in the near future.

Bulking up your wash bag just that little bit more with their simplified, straight to the point products are Recipe For Men. Whilst some firms overcompensate for the feminine nature of their products with hyped up, over edgy names for their individual products, Recipe keep things nice and simple with their facial moisturisers, shaving products and anti aging products. Brining us all down to a more leveled and straight to the point common ground, which is just the way we like it, Recipe For Men know how to get the job done with minimal fuss.

Good quality men's skin care circulates around three essential fundamentals: High quality formulas, bespoke masculine packaging and finally, quick and easy to apply products. As we haven't got hours to waste in front of the mirror each morning, we are further fine tuning our demands and quickly coming to realise what exactly it is that we need from our grooming routines.

Two final brands that make up the elite field of male skin care are French based Polaar Men, offering a range of bespoke treatments for men, derived from components found in the Arctic regions of the world and Myego, a luxurious male cosmetic brand that even go as far as offering their clients a wonderfully enhancing eyeliner.

Make sure you are not left counting the cost of poor quality skin care with a wash bag entirely devoted to men's skin, with a little help from

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