When It Comes to Recruitment, It's About Quality Not Quantity, Says Havoc CEO

As he looks to the future of Havoc marketing, CEO James Sweetland has spoken out about the firm's current recruitment process, discussing how hiring the right people is crucial to building a constructive, well-oiled team.

The firm has ramped up their recruitment efforts as business continues to grow and James has revealed he is conscious of creating a positive team dynamic, noting how a happy workplace culture goes a long way to boosting morale and the firm's achievements within the industry.

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In order to find the best candidates for the job, James has adopted the following techniques to the recruitment process:

1) Writing Better Job Descriptions

The CEO has made sure he includes as much information as possible in all job advertisements, recognising that this is a vital way of sourcing ambitious, driven individuals who are best suited to the demands of the sales and marketing industry.

2) Embracing Digital Trends and Social Media

Stay up to date with all digital trends is something James considers very important when posting job adverts. The business owner has also revealed he sometimes checks social media profiles of potential candidates, something he knows not all companies condones but he believes it can be a good way of gaining more of an understanding of a candidate's interests and personality prior to asking them for an interview.

3) Tailoring Interview Questions

Rather than ask stereotypical, generic interview questions James encourages all Managing Director to create more specific questions which allow them to gauge more about each individual's character because, in this industry, the right attitude is often more important than technical skills.

4) Encourage Candidates to Ask Questions Too

Havoc interviewees are asked to prepare questions they may have for the CEO himself, as he believes this gives him a chance to solve any reservations they may have and will allow both parties to determine whether they are the right fit for their company culture.

James is hopeful the extra efforts he is taking towards tailoring his recruitment process will help him separate the quality candidates from the lesser suited individuals. "I am working towards discovering the ultimate 'beasts'. These are the people who work tirelessly toward their goals and are relentless in their quest to win big 100% of the time," James explained. "We want to continuously raise our standards as we continue to expand."

Founded by Managing Director James Sweetland, Havoc is an outsourced sales and marketing firm, specialising in personalised and face to face marketing campaigns. The firm work with their clients to create and manage engaging, interactive, and cost-effective marketing campaigns that increase customer acquisitions and improve brand engagement.

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When It Comes to Recruitment, It's About Quality Not Quantity, Says Havoc CEO