Havoc: What you won’t learn about entrepreneurship in education

As advocates of entrepreneurship, Manchester-based Havoc has highlighted what school doesn’t teach entrepreneurs.

Education doesn’t seem to be keeping up to date with the changes that are being seen in the workplace. Self-employment today is at its highest level since records began, with 15% of the UK’s workforce being self-employed (4.6 million people). This is up from 13% in 2008. Schools are preparing young people to become employees, rather than employers and are failing to prepare individuals for a future of entrepreneurship.

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Sales and marketing firm, Havoc, report nine lessons about entrepreneurship that are not taught in schools:

  • To have an unbeatable will to succeed - Entrepreneurs need the right mind-set to try, try and try again.
  • When aiming big, it’s ok to fail - At school, failing is seen as a bad thing. In the world of entrepreneurship, failing is a learning opportunity and inevitable on the road to success.
  • Always question things - Entrepreneurs always look to examine other businesses and to gain insights that can be used for their own.
  • Be creative and a good people manager - To succeed as an entrepreneur an individual needs to be innovative. Also, people are the best asset a company has, so people skills are imperative.
  • Learn about money and cash flow - This is not just important in businesses, but also in a person’s personal life.
  • How to work for yourself - This involves time management skills and being able to focus on strength while hiring to build on areas of weakness.
  • Giving up isn’t an option - Have enough confidence to keep going at all costs.
  • Be happy - To use passion and purpose as motivators rather than power, money or fame.
  • It’s who you know not what you know - Learn networking skills because they are essential to building a business.

Outsourced sales and marketing firm, Havoc, specialise in personalised, face-to-face marketing techniques that deliver top results for their clients. Founded by entrepreneur James Sweetland, the company offers a Business Development Opportunity to budding entrepreneurs, looking to learn the required skills to run their own business in the outsourced sales and marketing industry. The firm is supporters of entrepreneurship and self-employment and believes more should be done in schools to prepare young people for running their own future business.


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