Want to be successful? Think twice before revealing these things at work says Future Generation Marketing

Business professionals need to be mindful of their environment when revealing information about themselves as crossing the line and revealing certain information could have a negative impact on their career prospects. Outsourced sales and marketing specialists, Future Generation Marketing outline topics of conversation that should be avoided if someone wants to be successful.

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1. That they hate their job

The last thing someone should reveal is that they hate their job. Making that comment will label them as a negative person and not a team player. Complaining brings down the morale of the group and bosses are quick to catch on to those individuals that are guilty of dragging down morale, and will replace them.

2. That they think someone is incompetent

Every team will have weak members, and people tend to know who they are. Announcing a colleague's incompetence makes the commenter look bad, it can seem like a callous move and will inevitably come back to haunt them in future.

3. Salary

In the workplace, revealing pay scales can have an extremely negative affect. It gives co-workers a direct measure of comparison. When salary is revealed, the person then comes under scrutiny from co-workers.

4. Political and religious beliefs

Political and religious beliefs shouldn't be aired in a work environment. It can lead to conflict. Disagreeing with someone else's views can quickly alter their perception of you. It can alienate some people. Political opinions and religious beliefs are very deeply ingrained in people, and challenging their views is more likely to end in altercation.

5. Facebook

Although privacy settings and censoring can be done, the safest way to avoid any problems is not to add colleagues. LinkedIn should be someone's professional "social" network; Facebook should be saved for everybody else.

6. That they're after somebody else's job

Announcing ambitions at work can be risky. It can come across as selfish and indifferent. Great employees are team players, and they want the whole team to succeed, not just themselves. Regardless of someone's actual motives, announcing a selfish goal will not help them get there.

7. An offensive joke

People need to be careful about what they say and who they say it to. Sense of humour can vary greatly and offensive jokes can make other people feel terrible, and make the teller look bad. They also tend to be much less funny than clever jokes.

8.That they are job hunting

When someone reveals they are job hunting they suddenly become a waste of everyone's time, as in some peoples view they are already out the door. It can also become awkward if the job hunt is unsuccessful. It's best to wait until after securing a new job before announcing it.

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Want to be successful? Think twice before revealing these things at work says Future Generation Marketing