Seven things to do before 8 a.m. according to Future Generation Marketing

Every successful person has a good morning routine argues Manchester-based direct sales and marketing specialists Future Generation Marketing. The firm has shared seven things to do before 8 a.m. to have a highly productive day.

About Future Generation Marketing:

Success is built on a foundation of positive habits; these habits are the fundamental platform for everyone to create a series of actions that will lead to consistently good results. Manchester based sales and marketing experts Future Generation Marketing reveal seven things that all successful people do before 8 am:

1. Drink lemon water. A sure-fire way to give energy levels a kick start, the nutrient packed fruit will boost potassium levels and get the body started for a busy day ahead. The natural booster should be drunk 15-30 minutes before food to ensure full absorption of nutrients is complete.

2. Exercise. Linked to both higher productivity and a more positive outlook, there is plenty of research supporting the benefits of participating in exercise, improving feelings of competence socially, academically, and athletically, this is all supposedly down to the natural feel good hormones, endorphins which are released post exercise.

3. Disconnect. Taking the time to connect with family and loved ones in the morning is enhanced by removing digital devices and avoiding contact with the working world. Kick starting the day calmly and positively can help maintain focus.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast. Stable blood sugar levels are imperative for focus and productivity. A healthy breakfast has been linked to improved brain function, focus and performance.

5. Set goals for the day. By setting goals and preparing well for the day ahead, increases the likelihood of a successful day. Good practice includes setting a to do list the night before.

6. Make certain your goals are realistic. Ensure goals are realistic and set heavy energy goals at the start of the day where brain function is at peak. A positive start will boost the afternoons' tone for winning.

7. Finally, say no. It is important to honour commitments by not over stretching resources such as time. Be confident in saying no to tasks that will place a strain on time, too much pressure can raise stress levels and have a negative impact on quality of work.

Located in Manchester, Future Generation Marketing is a sales and marketing firm specialising in a unique form of marketing that allows a brand to connect with their customers and interact with them on a face-to-face basis. This effective marketing approach used by Future Generation Marketing has proven to increase sales and boost brand recognition for companies across the UK. The company have always been advocates of entrepreneurship and help to develop their contractors into successful entrepreneurs through regular training workshops, monthly seminars, and mentoring.


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