Future Generation Marketing on How they are Tackling Common Workplace Grievances

Inspired by an article by Forbes highlighting the most common workplace grievances, Future Generation Marketing has spoken out on how they are collaborating with their workforce to create a harmonious and engaging work environment.

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Future Generation Marketing, a Newcastle-based sales and marketing firm has been looking into an article by Forbes, which revealed the most common reasons why professionals are unhappy at work. Part of the publication’s "Living and Working Better" series the article outlined that among others, the top grievances from today’s workers included; not being given the freedom to use the skills they need to succeed, a toxic work environment lacking encouragement, and the sense that they are meant for something better or more meaningful and exciting.

Future Generation Marketing was shocked by these common workplace issues, and how the overall sense from today’s professionals appears to be that their desires to progress and develop are not being facilitated. ‘Ambition and drive are key attributes that need to be celebrated by businesses, and the fact that workers are feeling that their organisations are not supporting them is not only outrageous but highlights that companies are in danger of demotivating their workforce and losing these attributes altogether’. Stated Future Generation Marketing.

In response to the article, Future Generation Marketing was inspired to speak up on how their company culture has been specifically built to tackle these everyday issues head on and encourage people to make the most of their ambition.

The firm regularly runs optional skills workshops for their community of young professionals, helping them to further their existing skills and tap into new talents. By organising workshops where everyone is encouraged to share and support each other’s development the firm has created an environment where people can feel comfortable and confident enough to progress at their own pace.

‘We believe it to be hugely important to give people control over their own development and chose the speed and direction of their professional futures. While we offer the tools and environment for success, the freedom is there for people to make their own success and run with their own ideas stated the firm.

Future Generation Marketing is committed to inspiring its workforce, and, as part of one of the world’s most exciting industries, regularly speaks out on how the potential for success is limitless. ‘We want people to know that in our industry, and the rate of growth it is achieving, they are part of something big, and if they are willing to put the work and effort in, they can reap exciting rewards.’ exclaimed Future Generation Marketing ‘Businesses need to communicate the bigger picture to their workforce and get them excited about the possibilities; this is the only way to motivate and create a culture of change’.

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