Want to achieve Market Dominance? Strategic Five Marketing Must Read Guide to Improving Sales

Sales are the backbone of business growth so knowing how to generate and maintain a high quantity of quality sales is key. Here, sales and marketing firm, Strategic Five Marketing share their must read strategies to improving sales figures.

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Businesses must find their niche in the market if they are to stand out amongst the competition, believes Strategic Five Marketing. However, the number of entrepreneurs and SMEs has increased drastically and this has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out and retain customers.

Strategic Five Marketing has revealed some top sales strategies that can be used to increase and maintain a high level of sales:

Understand when a "yes" is really a "no."
When running a business, an entrepreneur's most precious resource is time. Customers sometimes lead you to believe they are interested in what you have to offer when they aren't. The trick is to decipher who is truly interested. When someone is interested it is likely that they will ask a lot of questions, these are called 'buying signs,' they will want more of your time and inquire about pricing.

Talk about the problem not the solution.
People are interested in their own problems, not your solutions. Giving extensive detail about the product's five most impressive features will make the customer lose interest and make them less likely to invest. However, if you ask them about their problems, they would be happy to stand and tell you their issues. This will help them to feel more invested in your solution and give you clues as to how you can help them – it could be your ninth and tenth most impressive features that would actually benefit them most.

Personalise your communications
Many businesses take the time to personalise their messages to customers – make sure they know this. Provide a personalised service, discuss how your product or service would benefit this person specifically. Don't let customers assume a conversation is rehearsed.

Strategic Five Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Liverpool. The firm specialises in personalised direct marketing campaigns that are designed on behalf of their clients' brands in order to take their products and services directly to consumers. Strategic Five Marketing connects with consumers face-to-face in order to generate increased sales, customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

The firm works closely with their clients to develop sales strategies that suit them and their target markets best. By establishing target markets and ideal consumer profile the firm knows how best to represent their clients. These tailor made strategies help to boost their clients' sales and deliver a high ROI.

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